Should Fox News hire Ann Coulter as a full-time contributor?

  • Why shouldn't she

    I think that fox news should hire Ann Coulter. She shares their conservative views and she has demonstrated numerous times that she has the capabilities to join fox news full time. People say that she is too extremely conservative but would they say that a liberal was too much of a liberal?

  • Why shouldn't they?

    I think that Fox News has lost all credibility when it comes to accountable reporting and trying to truly enlighten their audience on positions, so why shouldn't they hire Ann Coulter? She fits the model of propagating fear and false narratives to elicit reactions from their viewers. Why shouldn't they?

  • Bring Ann to Fox full-time.

    Ann Coulter is a great example of a strict Conservative woman, and she reflects the values of this part of the population. There are not enough women who hold her views in the public eyes. On top of that, most women are also not as vocal as her for fear of being marginalized. It would be great to know Ann is a full-time contributor at Fox.

  • She'd Fit Right In!

    Ann Coulter would fit right in with Fox News and their programming. Her difficulty is that she wouldn't be part of the "good ol' boy" network of Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly. Otherwise, her sharp tongue and extremely conservative views are perfect things for Fox News's lineup of controversial figures.

  • Coulter makes a great guest.

    Ann Coulter is a wonderful speaker and an intelligent conservative. I do not think that she would be able to fully commit to Fox though. Her analysis, input and experience would be muddied with a permanent position at Fox. Beyond that, Fox advertises being "Fair and Balanced." Perhaps they should hire more liberals in order for that claim not to be laughable. It is no secret that Fox News is obviously slanted right.

  • Far too radical

    All ends of the spectrum should be less polarized and less specialized with regards to the political spectrum. Ann Coulter is very far right and advocates for very far right positions, something that should not be accepted on either end, as people would benefit from new positions rather than more the same.

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