• Why shouldn't they be

    First person shooters are not bad games. If you have a kid that likes to play them you just gotta do something to get them to not bring that terminology into the real world. What's digital stays digital. (Not really digital if it's voice but you should understand) it's not the games that shouldn't be played, but maybe games that shouldn't be played by little kids

  • Why the hell not?

    Plenty of people enjoy them, maybe cod players are all 13 year old homophobes, and battlefield players are just 14 year olds with superiority complexes, but they are fun to play for certain people.
    Not that they should be mandatory or anything, or that everyone should play them, but some people should, because they enjoy them.

  • That's Like Asking If People Should Play Games of Other Genres

    So what if FPS's are generally the most exploited games to increase a company's profits, people shouldn't be stopped from playing them. We just need to remind them that what they buy and play is what controls the future of the gaming industry. If they hate other genres, then that's fine. Unless you recommend a game that will change their mind, it's better to leave them alone instead.

  • They gave me good entertainment.

    I am quite like a "random" gamer, I played a lot of games in past years without great enthusiasm. I have played some FPS although it's not my favourite genre, for example I have appreciated Doom 64 during my childhood and Freedoom in recent years. I don't like contemporary games like COD or Battlefield, by the way I think that they are OK and I don't see problems in playing them.

  • They are annoying because people overuse the terms.

    The reason I think they shouldn't be played is because they are easily popped out and every new game of one game series is worse and worse every time they are made. And when people say "360 no scope." and other things like that it gets insanely annoying don't you agree?

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