Should fractional reserve banking be banned or more regulated?

Asked by: ramramgeorge
  • We want a system which works for us

    What are the true benefit of FRB? Money is the fruit of evolution and if we examine today the benefit of FRB.... The crisis of 2008-2009 has shown that the beneficiaries do want to lose their priviliges. What we need is a system which works for society and not just the 0.1%.
    FRB holds too many flaws and gives incentives to politicians to tax asset price inflation as a source of income for the government so.... We have a clear conflict of interest at hand greatly misunderstood by the 99% of our politiciancs since they do not understand the nature of money. In addition.... FRB is just a killer for any good politics since at the end... You can be on the right or the left side but the only decision will be to raise more.. Or less taxes.

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