Should France declare support for a Palestinian state?

  • Yes they should

    If the Palestinians had a state it could be peace for both Israel and Palestine. I can't believe people won't support a state. This could mean Peace! Didn't your mothers taught you to make peace with your foes. HAH?! Peace should be everybody's mission. Granted there will be wars too but atleast make some peace.

  • Yes, France should declare support for a Palestinian state.

    Yes, I believe that France should declare support for a Palestinian state. It is unfortunate that Israel was basically a gift from the U.S. to the Jewish people in the region, because ever since they were given that area of highly contested land, Israelis and Palestinians have been engaged in a fierce battle to the death. France should declare their support because if France does, soon, other countries will also join in the support, and hopefully the U.S. could stop the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from further costing the lives of thousands of innocents.

  • Statehood Brings Peace

    All the Palestinians want is a home. The Jews got a home after World War II and usurped the Palestinians. Although the Holocaust was terrible, forcing Palestinians from their homes was equally as distressing. France, in recognizing a Palestinian state, is simply trying to bring peace to a fragile situation. Enough killing. Just learn to get along and live in peace. If it means giving Palestinians a country of their own, so be it.

  • No they should not

    France has been an ally of the U.S. for a long time. Israel is an ally of the U.S. so if France went with palestine they are turning there backs on us too. The people running the Palestine government are sleezy and untrustworthy. If they are your ally you with be stabbed in the back I garentee it

  • No, they should not throw support behind the Palestinians

    First of all, Israel was a gift not from the United States, but from Great Britain. Wrong historical facts make for an invalid argument. Secondly, you can't surely compare the atrocities of the Holocaust to that of making Palestinians move off of their land. If that is your logic, should we give large portions of Georgia, the Carolinas, and Tennessee to the Cherokees? Maybe we should move completely out of the United States since we took it almost entirely by force? Look at the stability inside Israel compared to that of the Palestinian territories. The land is better governed by the Israelis. Not only that, but those Palestinian territories harbor and support terrorist. Hamas is a terrorist organization. That land was historically part of Israel. If you look into history, you would see that the Levant was originally invaded by a sea people known as the "Peleset." The Peleset name was then given to a group of people who we know as the Phillistines. The land that they now occupied from acquiring from the Hebrews became known as PALESTINE. Lastly, do you really think Israel will listen to France? They will do their own thing no matter what the rest of the world wants. Go Jews!

  • No, France should not.

    First, to do so would be to undermine Israel, which is theoretically France's ally. The vision of an Israeli and a Palestinian state "living side by side in peace" demands as a prerequisite that the leadership of the proposed Palestinian state recognize Israel's basic right to exist on its own land, and to defend its people. Otherwise, to recognize a Palestinian state is simply to endow a terrorist organization with the trappings and authority of statehood.

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