Should France require models have doctor's notes to prove they are not too thin?

  • It is about their health.

    I think it is a great idea for models to have doctor's notes. Our society today is so focused on beauty that the health of these models is thrown to the side. I think it is important to show the public healthy bodies, so the impressionable teenagers don't become anorexic because of what they see in magazines.

  • A step too far.

    It may be reasonable to have models pass a physical. Having said that, a process that explicitly targets the body frame would be over the top. People have many body types, and yes it is a concern that models are not practicing healthy habits. But it is a major violation of privacy if a policy is so explicit that it forces a model to get clearance solely based on their appearance. There has to be a better way.

  • Should any country?

    France, and Paris especially, is the cradle of high fashion. More attention is focused on the French fashion industry but there have always been concerns raised about the thinness of certain models, worldwide. Why question the intelligence of those that make decisions in the fashion industry only in France? Common sense would seem more likely to question is why do advertisers continue to supply men and women with expectations that are just not humanly obtainable except in very rare instances.

  • Leave the Government Out of Modeling!

    This is just another fine example of the government trying to weasel its way into areas where it need not be so as to give off an air of public concern, when the real motive is all about increased size of government. It's shameful that the state is able to get away with such blind power grabs.

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