• An old antiquated classist system of socializing

    Anyone that's ever been a Greek life party at their university knows there are few things more clinched than beer stands and other forms of excessive alcohol consumption. Universities are increasingly becoming more like social outlets for the rich and famous rather than places of established scholarship. A step like banning Greek life would go a long way into destroying the ultimate pointlessess of potentially years of one's ife.

  • Yes, frats and Greek life should be banned from universities.

    I think that the benefits of such clubs are to no positive influence among anybody who joins them. They create a culture in colleges and universities of irresponsibly and problems. I think that when universities do not do enough to set regulations on these clubs, it only makes it seem like they endorse such entities.

  • Sororities and Fraternities don't consider student's financial situations and will call creditors on students who can't pay dues.

    I've never been fond of greek life but at the same time, I was never against it. However, That changed when I found out about the financial side of being involved in greek. I knew it was expensive but what I didn't know were the repercussions for students who cannot afford their "next month's dues. " Frats and Sororities do not consider the student's financial situation including the student's parents. Often, Student's parents pay for the dues but not all parents can afford to send their child to frats/sororities or even college in general. Most frats/sororities offer payment plans but in no circumstance, Forgive any debt or provide financial assistance for students who need it. Sororities in particular, Require members to purchase expensive clothes, Pay for expensive events, Etc. The amount of pressure this puts on young females is insane.

    Frats and Sororities WILL call creditors on members who miss dues. Fine, Kick them out of the frat but don't ruin the student's financial future.

    Frats and Sororities still haze. While I was in school, There was a frat who forced a freshman to drink and swim across a river. It was no surprise that the student drowned. Sororities haze in a more "emotional" not "physical" way. For example, Many sororities will put "newbies" on washing machines and anything that jiggles, The newbie has to loose within a short duration of time.

    I will never understand why people laugh at frat "nicknames. " For example, Plenty of frats are known as "rape houses" and yet, People laugh at that nickname without actually taking into consideration whether that frat actually has rape allegations.

    I understand why people enjoy greek life but I guarantee, A lot of frat/sorority members actually hate it but feel they need to be accepted.

  • Take it from a 4 year frat guy

    I was in a frat in college. For all 4 years. I transferred so I've seen the Greek life at a large state school and a small private school. Granted, The state school Greek system is 100x more toxic, Greek life is still inherently bad. I have never seen more misogyny, Racism, Drug/alcohol abuse, And general toxicity in any organization of my life. Greek life tries to market its "philanthropy" as a justification for all the bullshit they instill in society, But that's all a facade for the heinous evil that happens behind closed doors of most fraternities, And some sororities.

  • They are just wrong.

    Greek life in colleges is pointless. I'd be so easy to compare them to Scientology, Cults, And even ancient organizations built on the abuse of power. If you want everyone to have equal opportunity to excel in their studies, This needs to go. I need 7 more words for some reason.

  • Fraternities create stigmas and Isolation

    College is meant for education, Not partying and hazing. Of course there are fraternities that are meant for education and yes you are supposed to have fun in college and go to some parties. However, This can be achieved without fraternities which in most schools create the stigma of college being a place where if you want to "succeed" socially, You must join greek life. At my college, If you are not in a fraternity, You basically won't be allowed in any parties, Make many friends, And since you are different you will be looked down upon. Fraternities also can create toxic masculinity complexes in men which are horrible and can resonate with them for years

  • Serves no purpose.

    Greek life creates a hierarchy in universities consisting of "top" sororities and fraternities. Those who did not make it during rush or do not have funds to join feel less ostracized. It creates an unnecessary popularity contest, Fueled by a culture of sex and alcohol, Distracting students from school work.

  • Greek Life is for Elitist Brats, Rapists, And Followers

    You are better off actually engaging with your education; you will meet plenty of people in the process and they will probably be GOOD people. The more you associate with the Greek life the more you let the cancer in. The only reason fraternities and sororities are tolerated is because there is so much money behind them. In a better society they would be banned outright.

  • Very Confusing Society.

    I accept that I know little about the US uni experience, I study at university in the UK, We can drink legally here and I must say it confuses me that in the land of free you can't. This causes groups to have illegal parties where we just go to a legal student bar where if we get too pissed were removed and the police are called to keep us safe normally this isnt required though and a cab is fine. Legalise drinking and ban cults that think the tag line "No means Yes, Yes means Anal" is acceptable like WTF? They advocate raping people.

  • Students go to college to learn, And greek life inhibits the sole purpose of attending a university.

    When a student goes to college, The main purpose of attending is to obtain a degree and to pursue a career. This can be done without joining a fraternity or sorority. Greek life is touted as a way to make friends and build a network, However, The real reason students join is to party and have sex more often. The negative aspects heavily outweigh the positive and therefore, Greek life is pointless to have at a university. There are plenty of ways to meet people at college from the hundreds of clubs most schools have, To sporting events, And to school sponsored formals. Greek life started out as a white only, Male only organization and still portrays many of the same social aspects as in the past. From the racist viral videos, Pledges being hazed to death, Abundant sexual assault, Rampant drug use, And generally housing a derelict group of people, Greek life has no place in education.

  • Hell to the no

    Joining a fraternity was one of the best decisions of my life. Through my fraternity I have grown y social circle, Overcome much of my social anxiety, And met my girl friend. While there are issues there much more benefits. Being part of an organization that devotes itself to service is an amazing feeling and I can not imagine not having my brothers.

  • Keep the Family running

    In my opinion, I think that Greek life is a great way to make friends and be apart of the community. Parties are very very very very very lit. Also helping people in college with their studies is helpful, And that is what most do as well. Go hard, And go Greel!

  • GDI's suck honestly

    Greek life is much better than not. Plain and Simple

    not just Greek life. Everyone is connected. Familiarize yourself with everyone in your existing social circle and observe how you can benefit, Or expand it. As a plus you'In other cases you don't even have to join a club to have these skills. (this is just to make the word count)

  • Greek Life does more good than it does harm

    Yes, Fraternities usually have lower grades, More rape, And sororities usually have more drugs, Sex, And parties, But look at the communities that they cultivate. They provide a family to college students when they would otherwise be living with a few shitty roommates. Fraternities give brothers to those who need it, And Greek Life builds a friendship for a whole lifetime. This is something that we need to preserve and better, Not destroy and forget.

  • Very beneficial community

    Sororities and Fraternities do much more good than bad. Sure, There are parties that go along with it, But even people not in greek life are doing the exact same thing and throwing their own parties. Regarless of being underage people are going to get ahold of alcohol one way or another.
    Greek life gives millions of dollars to their philanthropic organizations every year. Pi Beta Phi alone raised $1, 583, 670 in 2018 for their philanthropic organizaion Read Lead Achieve, To improve literacy across the US and Canada alone. How dare people try to get rid of organizations that do so much for organizations such as Make a Wish, Huntsmen Cancer Foundation etc every year. In addition greek life averages a higher GPA because they are required to have a minumum gpa. Greek Organizations have a long history and some of the most influntial people have belonged to Greek Organizations. Lastly, Greek Organizations provide leadership positions and thousands of people to network with after college.

  • Positive Effects on Communities

    College students who decide to join a Greek path have the choice, And I don't blame them for wanting to be a part of that life. Fraternities and Sororities have an ultimate positive affect on the community. From holding fun raisers or joining support groups, They just have a positive affect. They also are a way to have "Brothers" and "Sisters" for life, People normally meet their best friends or soul mates in college. So why make it harder for someone to find the love of their life?

  • No fraternities and sororities should not be banned.

    To be hazed is a CHOICE. Some people want to be hazed. It is illegal but banning sororities and fraterni won't stop anything. Fraternities and sororities do a lot of good regularly on campus and in their communities. Collectively, they have a positive impact world wide. Most people saying this are Non Frats and Non Sorors which is why they don't care. They don't understand the roots and the history of sororities and fraternities. They are great organizations. And not All chapters of sororities and fraternities haze. Let's not forget. Marching bands haze and have killed members. Along with many other clubs and organizations. Banning them will stop nothing.

  • Let people have their choice, don't tell people what choices they can and can't make.

    It's a person's choice to go into a fraternity. It's their choice to walk away or stay if they get messed with. Why take away people's right to choose?
    People will still drink. People will still haze in different places. People will still have private clubs. People will still party.
    My eyes are open enough to see the bad parts of Greek life that everyone looks at in plenty of other places.

    You won't get rid of the problem by banning Greek life. You'll push the problems deeper underground, and you'll see the problems pop up on other places.

  • No Fraternities should not be banned.

    Fraternities are not all just an outlet to have bigger parties and be able to get away with it. I will give you that some are, but not all of them. Truthfully the one I'm in is more focused on getting good grades and giving back to the campus and the community. It really depends on the campus the fraternity is on. All fraternities on this smaller campus are more devoted to grades and service than anything else.

  • No, I don't believe fraternties and greek life should be banned from universities.

    I believe that fraternities provide a meaingful experience to those who wish to join them, I don't believe they should be banned, the only way I could support them being banned is if they committed a act that violated a clear set of guidelines that the university has set for them.

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