Should fraternities and Greek life be banned in universities?

  • An old antiquated classist system of socializing

    Anyone that's ever been a Greek life party at their university knows there are few things more clinched than beer stands and other forms of excessive alcohol consumption. Universities are increasingly becoming more like social outlets for the rich and famous rather than places of established scholarship. A step like banning Greek life would go a long way into destroying the ultimate pointlessess of potentially years of one's ife.

  • Yes, frats and Greek life should be banned from universities.

    I think that the benefits of such clubs are to no positive influence among anybody who joins them. They create a culture in colleges and universities of irresponsibly and problems. I think that when universities do not do enough to set regulations on these clubs, it only makes it seem like they endorse such entities.

  • Students go to college to learn, And greek life inhibits the sole purpose of attending a university.

    When a student goes to college, The main purpose of attending is to obtain a degree and to pursue a career. This can be done without joining a fraternity or sorority. Greek life is touted as a way to make friends and build a network, However, The real reason students join is to party and have sex more often. The negative aspects heavily outweigh the positive and therefore, Greek life is pointless to have at a university. There are plenty of ways to meet people at college from the hundreds of clubs most schools have, To sporting events, And to school sponsored formals. Greek life started out as a white only, Male only organization and still portrays many of the same social aspects as in the past. From the racist viral videos, Pledges being hazed to death, Abundant sexual assault, Rampant drug use, And generally housing a derelict group of people, Greek life has no place in education.

  • Classist, elitist, insular and cult-like

    Classist, elitist, insular and cult-like, these organizations do the opposite of what university life ought to do, which is expose you to many different people from different walks of life. In fact, they were initially designed to avoid just that when the upper class felt threatened by the appearance of middle class students on campus. Furthermore the emphasis on partying at the expense of education demeans the purpose of universities. These ruling class cliques must be levelled by any means necessary.

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  • Nasty people deserve nothing.

    I don't like hearing about young adults dying on the news and people not being charged for murder. If these exclusive clubs think they can get away with that their in for a serious rude awakening. My older sister is a victim of hazing to the extent where one of her other so called sisters beat her with a paddle to be initiated in. I'm very disgusted by the fact that nothing was done

  • Classist and care-free kids

    The Greek system is a symptom of economic inequity and is also one of the most obvious signs that class DOES exist in the United States.
    I consistently see that Greek life students always seem to dig more holes than they can really fill in when they try to justify themselves. Former New York TImes reporter Chris Hedges once said "The thing that separates the rich from the rest of us is that the rich get multiple opportunities and the rest get few." That is what I feel would explain this mindset. The community service projects and fundraisers for charities (could be tax shelters) they do, never will avenge (nor does it appear that they care to) the stories of the otherwise reprehensible behavior I hear retold fellow students, dorm residents, local citizenry, and employees/business owners. They also provide an overall unwelcoming and alienating environment on university campuses. They only seem to reach-out to the general population whenever fundraising is needed, then they can set their smiles aside when the tables are all folded up. After that, they don't seem to acknowledged anyone not wearing Greek attire.

  • Nothing is exclusive to Greek Life.

    Other organizations offer the same benefits.

    > Make new friends and life-long bonds

    You can do the same thing if you put in the effort. The potential to forge new friendships and have them last a lifetime is everywhere. Why is this a surprise? Why is this even something to highlight? A bunch of insignificant letters don't stop people from sharing life-long memories with many others.

    > Succeed socially

    Practicing without aid yields the same results, although is more rewarding knowing you did it without assistance.

    > Networking

    What Greek members say about this is true to any strong social network, not just Greek life. Everyone is connected. Familiarize yourself with everyone in your existing social circle and observe how you can benefit, or expand it. As a plus you'll even gain more experience on independence, instead of just having the privilege of receiving everything because life doesn't work that way. Clubs besides Greek also have networks. Opportunities are everywhere.

    > Philanthropy

    This is a no-brainer. There are many organizations dedicated to improving local areas and beyond you can invest yourself in.

    > Teamwork and Leadership

    Learn self-assertion and cooperation, refine social and organizational skills. Efficiently and effectively cooperating with others and becoming a leader are not exclusive to Greek life. There are other clubs you can join and climb the ranks in. In other cases you don't even have to join a club to have these skills.

    > Academic Success

    It's a matter of attitude and discipline. Know what's important, eliminate distractions, and work diligently.

    > Support system and a sense of belonging

    That's what friends and family are for. They're supposed to have your back just like your fraternity brothers and sorority sisters should. Be a good person not for the sake of belonging to a group or for personal gain, but for goodness itself, and the favor will be returned. Don't spew the whole "Greek friends are so much better than normal friends because they made a pledge to uphold you honor" nonsense.

  • Children die in them.

    Yes, fraternities and Greek life should be banned in universities, because no parent wants to get a phone call in the middle of the night that their child died of an alcohol overdose or some other fraternity pledge prank. Students should focus on their studies, rather than spending their parent's money to join partying clubs.

  • No fraternities and sororities should not be banned.

    To be hazed is a CHOICE. Some people want to be hazed. It is illegal but banning sororities and fraterni won't stop anything. Fraternities and sororities do a lot of good regularly on campus and in their communities. Collectively, they have a positive impact world wide. Most people saying this are Non Frats and Non Sorors which is why they don't care. They don't understand the roots and the history of sororities and fraternities. They are great organizations. And not All chapters of sororities and fraternities haze. Let's not forget. Marching bands haze and have killed members. Along with many other clubs and organizations. Banning them will stop nothing.

  • Let people have their choice, don't tell people what choices they can and can't make.

    It's a person's choice to go into a fraternity. It's their choice to walk away or stay if they get messed with. Why take away people's right to choose?
    People will still drink. People will still haze in different places. People will still have private clubs. People will still party.
    My eyes are open enough to see the bad parts of Greek life that everyone looks at in plenty of other places.

    You won't get rid of the problem by banning Greek life. You'll push the problems deeper underground, and you'll see the problems pop up on other places.

  • No Fraternities should not be banned.

    Fraternities are not all just an outlet to have bigger parties and be able to get away with it. I will give you that some are, but not all of them. Truthfully the one I'm in is more focused on getting good grades and giving back to the campus and the community. It really depends on the campus the fraternity is on. All fraternities on this smaller campus are more devoted to grades and service than anything else.

  • No Fraternities should not be banned.

    Fraternities are not all just an outlet to have bigger parties and be able to get away with it. I will give you that some are, but not all of them. Truthfully the one I'm in is more focused on getting good grades and giving back to the campus and the community. It really depends on the campus the fraternity is on. All fraternities on this smaller campus are more devoted to grades and service than anything else.

  • No, I don't believe fraternties and greek life should be banned from universities.

    I believe that fraternities provide a meaingful experience to those who wish to join them, I don't believe they should be banned, the only way I could support them being banned is if they committed a act that violated a clear set of guidelines that the university has set for them.

  • Could Be Diciplined Better Though

    Many of the college students who join fraternities seem to loose track of how they were raised. Especially, the fraternities where their parents were some kind of folk hero. They seem like a bunch of spoiled rich kids who need a spanking. The next time someone from one of these fraternities gets in trouble, the university needs to punish the whole fraternity. That way, the fraternity will discipline itself in the future.

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