• Yes Fraternity and Sorority must be banned!

    Same as the other people said that "many people die from their hazing, do many stupid things, and get drunk". It is a bad influence to the students. Fraternity is the place where stupid people are gathered. They waist their time in making stupid things. They destroy their own life. Some people think it is cool but not, because people who are in fraternity are the people who does not have a future...So this kind of organization must be banned.

  • Negative Reputations Aside...

    Even if you disregard the horrible things that happen on occasion in fraternities and sororities (as these don't reflect what happens in all fraternities/sororities by any means), they can and often do distract from academic life and schooling. Often those who are in these organizations have to spend so much time doing various activities with their sorority/fraternity during rushing that they don't have nearly as much time for studying/homework as other students. This is a distraction for both freshmen and upper classmen as both have to be involved in these activities, but especially for freshmen. The first semester at college can be difficult and adding in hundreds of hours of required social activities just to become part of a sorority or fraternity is definitely a distraction. I have heard countless students complain about how they don't have any time because of these organizations.

    In addition to this, sororities and fraternities promote elitism and exclusion of other students. These are a bit like high school cliques, but amped up to the extreme. The process of making friendships and networking should not be a highly competitive interview process where every detail counts and you are constantly worrying about whether or not you will get in to the group. Friendships ought to form naturally and without worrying about your appearance, manner, and regardless of whether you are "good enough" for them.

  • Poison to the community

    People die from hazing and people get drunk and do stupid things. Women get raped at parties and frat boys get kicked out of college. They promote a sense of anti-inclusiveness. Frat boys think no means yes. It promotes a sense of elitism and it is a bad influence on freshman.

  • Poison to Community

    People die from hazing and people get drunk and do stupid things, and women get raped at parties, and frat boys get kicked out of college, and they promote a sense of anti-inclusiveness, and frat boys think no means yes, and it promotes a sense of elitism, and it's a bad influence on freshmen.

  • Excuse for Torture, Violation of others, and getting drunk

    Many will argue that greek life forges camaraderie and that there is so much support for each other. And that guys in frays have higher gpas. That is all a lie. Fraternities offer an excus for guys to degrade, violate, haze, abuse, and torture other guys, it gives them an opportunity to drink and conduct themselves in disgusting ways, if anything, frat guys are the scum of college campuses. They create a false sense of pride and elitism that they think that they are better than everyone else. One of the primary problems are that because fraternities are frequently off campus, they are not under the auspices of the university and therefore, they have the opportunity to live in repulsive environments, that encourages drinking and other horrid things. Many instances of rape on college campuses are a result of fraternities. But overall, the single thing along, besides the rape of innocent victims by drunk guys is the torture of other young men by those in power. More than anything, its a sick and twisted example of what happens when an individual or group has too much power over others. Yes, fraternities should be banned!

  • Fraternities and sororities are poisonous to university culture.

    The indefensible history of hazing, ritualized peer pressure, alcoholism and often also illicit drugs, combined with the general elitism and anti-inclusiveness that is antithetical to higher education should stand firmly as points against fraternities in our universities. To this day the horrible practices of hazing first-years (sophomores) continue to humiliate and injure students (who have often been peer pressured into over-drinking at the time of hazing), supposedly as a process of "learning social skills". Just in the year of 2011, the U of Alberta had to deal with fraternities hazing their students by having them eat their own vomit, Yale handed down infractions for a march of frat boys shouting "“No means yes! Yes means anal!", George Washington U took disciplinary action for underage drinking and other hazing rituals, and MIT and Princeton had violations of their hazing regulations as well. Further, there is no place for the elitism and exclusivity which is encouraged by these organizations, as they are tools for wealthier students to connect with each other, and exclude - explicitly by wealth level - other students from their activities. There is no valid reason for the good functions of these organizations, such as charity, to not exist as separate and dedicated organizations, rather than as merely an accessory to justify the existence of these negative parasites on our university campuses.

  • Yes, frats should be banned

    Yes, I think that fraternities and sororities in college should be banned. College is for education and learning and not partying and selective membership groups. Frat parties and groups party offer alcohol to minors which should definitely be banned. Just because you aren't the popular one shouldn't mean you should be excluded from a group.

  • Your culture needs to change

    American college students need to change their attitude towards drinking, since, let's be honest here; College frats are almost all (with the exception of legitimate college organizations that benefit the community) places where young adults go to drink. They drink stupid amounts of alcohol, and the worst part is, they think it's "cool". I'm french, so maybe there's something I don't understand, but American students in my opinion must learn to acquire a sense of moderation, and maturity.

  • Frats and sororities can be a great thing. But hazing during the "initiation" period is a huge problem.

    Hazing can have many consequences, physical and mental. Hazing can also be linked to student suicide if it's bad enough. There is no reason why any student should have to go through this, even if it was under their own choice of wanting to join the frat or sorority. In my opinion, the only way to stop hazing and its consequences is to ban the groups all together. They do more good that bad. Depression, suicide, physical and mental abuse, and also forced drug abuse is not worth being part of any organization.

  • Yes. I think they should at least do some serious reform.

    I attend W&M, and most of the rapes on campus happen at the frats. I would not go so far as to say every frat guy is sexist, but rape culture thrives in frats. This is evidently (many statistics on sexual assault done on college campuses) because the frats provide an environment where sexist behavior is condoned. I think banning the frats may be slightly extreme, but serious reform is necessary and can be done. For instance, many colleges that allowed women into the frats or men into sororities were able to curb the negative cultural phenomena.

  • No, Frats shouldn't be banned

    No, fraternities should not be banned. Although I understand that college is meant for students to learn not study, I believe fraternities offer great opportunities that cannot be matched elsewhere. For example, a number of college students are introspective and shy, and by joining fraternities you see them become more outgoing and friendly to others. Another good thing about fraternities is that they help students network, which will come in handy for once they have graduated.

  • No not banned.

    Fraternities should not be banned from colleges. Fraternities are a great way of networking and meeting new friends at college. I think that the hazing and initiation that goes on in fraternities should be banned or at least toned down. It is also a good source of entertainment in college, holding parties and socials that everyone can enjoy and get involved in.

  • No, fraternities are a unique part of the college experience

    I personally feel that fraternities should not be banned because they help students form lifelong bonds with frat brothers, promote networking and offer a unique college experience. Fraternities have a long tradition in colleges and universities throughout the country that extends long after frat members graduate. However, fraternities should be held to a certain standard.

  • No as both sororities and fraternities provide a safe-haven for their respected gender.

    Actually today more than ever fraternities are needed to provide a support group for males. The constant changing of rules, media attacks, and double standard court rulings against the young men of this country, a fraternity may be a great source to get support, organize, and mount challenges in a positive way. The National support of a fraternity can assist men even after graduation. I think schools should take a proactive role and educate the student body on what a fraternity or sorority can become. Offer Frat/Sor 101 as a freshman course where student can debate and contemplate the benefits of co-ed, same-sex, or no group at all. It would help the student make a better concious decision on whether to join or not.

  • House and Mouse

    If you want to get rid of the mouse, you don't have to burn the whole house. Death cases due to hazing are isolated incidents; we condemn the killings but we cannot put all the blame on fraternities and sororities whose main goal is to bring the spirit of kinship and camaraderie among the students. These black spots should not cover the whole white paper.

  • Fraternities are an important part in the lives of college students.

    Frats are about the 3 B's: brotherhood, beer, and boobs. What could be better? They help people belong to something, have a support network, and give them a place the get wasted every weekend. Sure frats do some bad stuff sometimes, but so does the government, and so does the church. So why be a buzzkill and ban frats? Probably because you couldn't get into one huh..

  • If you ban fraternities/sororities from colleges I believe it would be more negative than positive.

    I believe if colleges were to ban fraternities/sororities from their campus, they would just move to an off campus residence. All the dangers that we face today as far as the binge drinking, drugs, hazing, and sexual assaults will still occur. I understand that statistically, fraternities and sororities are more likely to have those problems, however banning them will not make them go away anyway. I believe some stricter rules and such should be made though. The majority of the alumni at the colleges were once in a fraternity/sorority themselves, and donate a lot of money to the school.

  • The actions of a few end a lifestyle for many?

    The argument to ban fraternities altogether is one entirely based on false stereotypes, that while they may be true for some frat boys, is not an attitude cultivated in the fraternity lifestyle. The liberal media looks for anything they can use against fraternities to further their agenda, and it is ridiculous that all fraternities are held under a microscope due to the wrong actions of a few. I will not deny the existence of these problems, but to pin the whole ideas of racism, sexual assault, drug abuse, and anything else associated with fraternities is ridiculous. The whole goal of a frat is to make their members better men, and these are certainly not ideas promoted throughout greek life. In such a huge system, obviously there will be bad apples here and there, but it is a completely ridiculous accusation to say that fraternities are the main cause of breeding these issues. This could be the same argument held against any other form of organization in the whole country, but liberals control the media and have it out for fraternities across America. Many people fail to realize all the good that comes out of greek life, and it will continue to be that way. Having an open mind must work both ways. You can't expect fraternities to accept everyone when you fail to accept their lifestyle yourself. A fraternity man truly is a better man when he can accept those around him in the midst of such adversity, but you won't ever hear something like this from the other side. A well thought-out answer rather than false claims appealing to the emotions of a good percentage of the public and swaying their opinions through falsehoods. This is getting ridiculous and should not even be a debate. Frats live on!

  • Banning fraternities is a simple solution to a complex problem thought up by simple minds.

    As a disclaimer, I will say that prejudice against fraternities is obviously no where near the level of severity that other prejudices in our society are on. As a fraternity member, I understand any prejudice I face as a "frat bro" does not necessarily translate into institutional prejudices that exist such as sexism or racism. Having said that, just because a group is not the victim of institutional prejudice does not mean it cannot be the victim of prejudice in general. I'm not even going to argue that the benefits of a fraternity outweigh the negatives (although I do agree with this statement), rather, I'm arguing that, in a free society, individuals should be free to associate with any organization they choose until they begin to take away the rights of others. Are there higher instances of rape among fraternities than other college organizations? Yes, it is an unfortunate truth. Does that mean the majority of fraternity men are rapists? Absolutely not. Fraternity members that are guilty of rape should be expelled and punished to the full extent of the law - we don't need (nor should we) punish a nationwide group based on the actions of a few. The same logic can be applied to any group of people that cannot control the actions of their constituents. I'll use a municipality as an example. Detroit has a much higher murder rate than my home town. Should we expel Detroit from our country? Should we convict everyone in Detroit of murder, just in case? Absolutely not, because the majority of the people that live in Detroit are obviously not murderers...They just happen to live among more murderers than most of us. Again, I think the actions of some fraternity members are deplorable, and I hope those individuals are brought to justice - but punishing a group of mostly innocent men who just happen to enjoy the fraternity system and the company of their brothers is not a stance anyone should take in a free society. The idea of banning fraternities in nothing more than a simple "solution" to a complex problem thought up by minds that are far too simple to be making societal decisions.

  • They should Not be banned

    They should not be banned for many reasons. Not only are they a college tradition they offer many unique experiences that help students get involved in the community through the numerous parties and social events thrown by the frats. College is not only about grades. Its about the experience as well. If frats are banned we not only lose a college tradition we also lose the full experience of college.

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