• People want a voice.

    Yes, free and open elections should be allowed in the Chinese territory, because the people have to overcome a great deal of oppression. It would be easier to deny Chinese people the vote if they lived in a great country. But China is poor and impoverished. If the people want to rise up and do better than that, they should have the chance.

  • Chinese citizens should be allowed to participate in free and open elections.

    I feel that it is time for Chinese citizens to have the opportunity to participate in free and open elections. They should have a right to pick the candidate that best represent their needs as a population and should have that choice to pick and choose who is the right candidate that represents their needs. Far too long, they have gone without having the choice but now, in the 21st century, they should be allowed to have the freedom to pick their next leader that would fight for them and work hard for them.

  • Yes, free and open elections should be allowed.

    Yes, I believe that the people in the Chinese territory should be able to participate in free and open elections. The people in the territory should have the right to elect the people who lead them. When officials depend on the vote of constituents, there may be less abuse of power. As it stands now, the citizens in the Chinese territory have no say in the policies that effect their everyday lives.

  • Free and Open Elections for All!

    Free and open elections should be a fundamental human right. The problem is it can be increasingly hard to ensure that an election is truly free and open, just look at the corruption of democracy in Venezuela. Hugo Chavez was elected president in 1998 based on three promises, but 9 years later it has become evident that the Constituent Assembly primarily exists to destroy all opposing political parties.

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