• Yes, free market principles should expand.

    Free market principles are principles that motivate people and ensure that each person gets that which is deserved. It allows supply and demand to take place without intervention and the amount of work or ingenuity given by a person is rewarded properly. When free market principles are not in place you see government corruption, lack of work ethic and poverty.

  • Yes, Free market principles should expand.

    I am a firm believer in a free market economy, the worlds strongest economies have always been the economics that have let the free market dictate the course of the economy, I believe the biggest job of the Government is maintaining the principles of free markets and protecting it to it's core.

  • let em grow

    I think that it would be a good idea for the free market to expand, and I think that this is a very good program to go by. I think that this is the best thing to do, and that it would hurt to make it shrink back down alot.

  • Yes, free market principles should expand.

    I think that the principles of the free market is something that should expand. The principles of free market should be something that people who believe in democracy and the ideals of capitalism should support. That is why I think free market principles area good thing for America and will help the economy get better.

  • Free merket is legalised theft

    Free market is legalising theft because goverment allows the people to sell products at insane prices where noone can afford plus it helps people to evade taxes and the richer to become more rich.The economy must be state controlled and state-majority at most services without people escaping the sale limits the goverment and law has set.

  • They should shrink

    And by shrink, I think they need to be regulated more closely. Too much can go wrong with unfettered free market principals. There are also massive booms and busts, and that can really kill an economy. I think the free market is important, but it needs to be restrained--for a lack of a better word.

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