• Hungry kids can't learn

    If we can afford to spend billions on a phony arms race, we can afford to feed every single school child. Maybe just provide hot lunch 1-2 times a week to save money, but otherwise we owe it to our school children. There are many reasons why a hungry student doesn't get free or reduced lunch, but it doesn't take the emptiness from their stomach.

  • Yes, I believe free meals should be provided on school days.

    Yes, I believe free meals should be provided on school days. Some children simply do not live in households that have the income to pay for school meals. There are even some families that are so poor that a free meal at school might be the only meal they get to eat for the entire day.

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  • We Can't Afford It

    I would love the idea of schools giving out free healthy lunches to every kid in school. Unfortunately that idea is extremely unrealistic as the overwhelming majority of school districts are broke as it currently is. I'm fairly certain 90% of people would vote against free meals in school if they saw how much more they would have to pay in tax dollars to make it happen.

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