• Freedom to be treated as an adult

    Australia has a fundamental problem. It won't let people progress beyond the age of 18. It is assumed by the government that everyone is incapable of protecting themselves from themselves. And the only way to ensure a person is a "decent" citizen is by criminalising any activity beyond waking up, consuming, working and sleeping. The primary wedge that causes the most damage to a prosperous nation is the criminalisation of taking drugs. Prohibition has gone too far! I am not a child. I know what drugs I want to take. Making criminals out of those who choose to use drugs other then alcohol and tabacoo/nicotine is barbaric. Its a basic human right to choose as an ADULT to be able to choose what you wish to put into your body. Turning those who want to smoke some weed or swollow some pills or inject some substance into a criminals must stop. Freedom starts with taking control of ones own body! Stop regulating adults and treating them as children....It enough already. Decriminalise weed and steroids to begin with. Let go of un-scientific facts...And only regulate based on the facts...Not on morals or the emotional whims of the masses!!!

  • Freedom needs to be increased.

    Freedom should never be decreased. Freedom is a human right and as such, no one has the right to bestow it or diminish it in any way. It is something every human should have from the moment of birth. I would not think a true Western democracy would allow the decrease of established freedoms. Freedom should always be increased, never decreased.

  • Freedom should be increased in western democracies.

    I feel that freedom should be increased in Western Democracies. Freedom is the base point of democracy. It gives power to the people but as time goes on people are losing these freedoms and becoming more and more dependent on their government. Overtime this will ruin democracy and freedom should be increased to prevent this.

  • Yes, freedom should be increased in Western democracies.

    I totally believe that freedoms should be increased in Western democracies to a point. I think there are variables though since some Western countries already have a democracy that is fair to their citizens. There are though some Western democracies that can do more to increase freedom in their country.

  • Freedom should be increased

    I feel as if freedom should be increased in Western democracies. Nowadays, it seems as if people in Western democracies have less freedom than ever before. It was supposed to be a free nation, and what's been happening the past few years has been the complete opposite. I say, more freedom for all!

  • We need more

    I think that it would be a good thing to make more freedoms for the people in the Western Democracies. This would make them a lot less hostile to the government, and would make them a lot more appreciative of what they have and the great nations they are in.

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