• Can cause injustice.

    If you want to peacefully offer your opinion on a topic in hopes to make things better, I am all for it even if I may not agree with your opinion. On the other hand, If your intentionally harming or causing people to be harmed unjustly then you should be silenced and/or punished.

    Note: Just because you fell you have been insulted does not mean that you have been harmed, Especially if they justify the insult. I also think that the use of some expression can unjustly harm others like using foul language around children or exposing yourself in a place were it would offend/harm others.

  • Yes freedom of expression should have limits

    Everyone should be respected, One cannot say or do something that might hurt the others feelings or provoke anger. People should not use the advantage of freedom in a bad way. Free speech can turn into hate speech if the person speaking doesnt have limits. Its good to express your opinion but we should know whats right and wrong

  • Paradox of tolerance!

    Freedom of expression is like freedom of speech. There has to be reasonable limits, Otherwise we will suffer the paradox of tolerance.

    The paradox of tolerance states that if we tolerate people who are intolerant of others, Then those people will destroy a society. (That is why Youtube, Facebook, Twitter tries to take down xenophobic, Racist, And homophobic speech. )

    Similarly, We can't have uncontrolled freedom of expression or else hate symbols will be unrestricted. (Extremists will multiply without limits)

    Basically what I'm saying is that if we tolerate everyone and everything, The Nazis will be allowed to come back. We must be intolerant of people who are intolerant.

  • Nope. We Jews should be allowed to say how whites suck.

    If we weren't allowed it would be like a Twitter Holocaust. Like nearly every blue checkmarked Twitter user that scolds and lectures how white people are guilty or racist or not politically correct are most commonly one of us Jews. When Nazis kicked us out from the media criticizing their resistance movement it was essentially the same censoring us. This is why we fled to America and bought as much media companies as possible to restart our enterprise. If you put a limit on freedom of speech for Jews it is like Nazis killing us all over again.

  • People need to toughen up

    So many young people these days seem to just want their opponents silenced because of their feelings, But we can't have a functioning democracy without expression as expression is how ordinary people contribute ideas to society.

    Back in the day, You were told to toughen up if you whined about your feelings, And it made people happier as they weren't as easy to upset anymore. Just look at how miserable young people are today.

    Even the idea of just banning "hate speech" is a bad one. It sounds good in theory, But now, Radical leftists are naming literally anything they disagree with as "hate speech". How can we ban "hate speech" when people don't even understand what it is?

  • We fought for this right!

    Anything you say could potentially offend someone. We can’t live like that! Yes, Some people nasty and offensive to most but if you view your opinion in a well behaved way you should be able to. If we say there are limits to what we can and can’t say we run the risk of having a dictatorship. Just because the voice is from a minority doesn’t mean it’s wrong - an opinion isn’t wrong. Naive, Maybe sometimes. Offensive - potentially. As long as you’re not being abusive to someone or causing upset intentionally then you should be allowed to speak

  • Will hinder democracy.

    When we start deciding that some peoples opinions matter and others don't we run the risk of censorship and the ability to make others aware of true injustices. People need to learn to turn the channel, Ignore the post, Or just simply debate. But playing around with the freedom of speech, The one thing that has afforded us much of our current rights, Is playing with fire. Final word, Without freedom of speach blacks, Homosexuals, And women, Just to name a few would not have the rights that currently have.

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