• You have to be able to say it.

    Yes, freedom of expression should take precedence over religious sensitivities, because people have to be able to debate religion. Some religions lead people to do strange things, like marry girls off when they are still girls. If we can't condemn this, the victims of these religions will not get any help.

  • Freedom should never be limited to appease the sensitivities of a particular religious group.

    Freedom of speech should always take precedence over religious sensitivities. When it doesn't, as in many Islamic countries, it leads to absurd situations where people face imprisonment or bodily harm for merely drawing a cartoon. Such barbarism has no place in the modern world. Anyone should be free to practice their religion, but at the same time they must acknowledge the freedom of those who don't.

  • religion should not be so sensitive

    It is kind of like watching TV. If people do not like certain people's freedom of expression, then do not watch and listen. If they do not like the way the public school teaches kids, then send your kids to a private school of your choice. People abuse the religion thing anyway. They do not like something, they just blame and say it is against their religion.

  • Yes, everyone has a right to expression

    I think if you keep it with in the parameters of what is acceptable, and not malicious. The expression is fine. There is no need to attack the religious factions because of what they believe, just like they have no right to come at you for the words that you speak.

  • We should be sensitive to religion.

    We should not allow freedom of expression to take precedence over religious sensitivities. This is because religion is so important to the populace in America that if we offend their religious beliefs, it would not feel like their own country anymore. People take religion to heart and we should respect that.

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