Should Freedom of Speech be allowed on the Internet?

Asked by: timmyhunters
  • It is our Constitiutional Right

    Our founding fathers knew how important freedom of speech was. This is why it was our first amendement. TO limit freedom of speech on the internet would be ludicrous. Nowadays most of the literature we read is read via the internet no actual books or magazines, thus if freedom of speech islimited on the internt we risk becoming a socialistic society.

  • To observe freedom of speech is its own reward

    ...Whereas to suppress freedom of speech is an expression of arrogance, fear and/or hate in and of itself. Who among is is self-important enough to judge which expressions of thought have value, and to conduct censorship that precludes others from making that very judgement for themselves? Or is it that some of us are afraid of words that are less than politically correct, however true they are?

  • If they had known...

    Yes, our founding fathers DID know how important the freedom of speech was. But they had no way of knowing the world would be the way it is today, with cell phones in every person's pocket and a computer in every home. People are using the internet to blackmail people, steal identities and money, and just threaten in general. I'm sure that when they wrote the constitution they did not have today's modern world in mind.

  • Im not good with titles lol

    Many people think that freedom of speech is a right all humans should have because it allows people to express themselves. That is true, but nobody has ever thought that freedom of speech can actually harm people too. Apart from all the good things freedom of speech brings, people often miss the numerous bad things that freedom of speech brings. Some of these things included using freedom of speech to discriminate, expressing slanderous facts to the public and it can also promote unwanted riots that will cause havoc to a city. I think that freedom of speech should be limited to protect people from harm.

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