• Free Speech is Responsible Speech

    Not all speech is beneficial and some is harmful. Words have consequences and should be weighed and considered before blurting out. Hate speech has no place in civil society. Modern ways of speaking lack character and dignity. There is too much complaining and not enough problem-solving. Out of the heart, The mouth speaks.

  • Freedom of speech is not freedom to propagate conspiracy theories, Pseudoscience, Disinformation or discriminatory insults that threaten freedom itself.

    In the age of (sloppy) postmodernism, Social media fake news and conspiracy theories, It is clear that we cannot allow everyone to have their say, Especially if it is contrary to clear scientific, Accurate and factual facts - that they exist, Period. Just as we cannot allow anyone to mistake free speech with insult, Poor argumentation and discrimination.

    It is the same principle as Popper's "paradox of tolerance": we cannot allow those who damage what we have built, Through fake news, Pseudoscience or disinformation, To spread their poison, Destroy the healthy public debate and, Through the influence on voting (such as populism), Threaten democracy itself.

    Freedom is not a (totally) free space. There must be rules.

  • Its is a freedom that is necessary

    It is a fundamental human and civil right in my opinion, Restrcting ones right to express themselves is to oprpress and attempt to contorl people who have different views then you which is no way to progress a society, Now in regards to hate speach while i agree its not a good use of your freedom of speach it is still a use of freedom of speach and should still be under the same protection as all speach (apart from ones endangering lives like shouting fire or bomb in a crowded room ) gets. I think stopping opinions you don't like wether they are wrong or not is bad and not a positive situation to the problem, Civil debate is.

  • Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right.

    Sperch is thr only alternative to violence when attempting to settle a dispute. Restrictions only cause festering of cancerous ideologies. We see the end result of hate speech laws taking place now with the calls to limit speech that could be deemed offensive. It can also result in people being punished for stating factually correct information.

  • No, Absolutely not.

    And who gets to decide whose speech should be allowed? No man or women should rule over another and feel entitled to decide which freedoms others are entitled to. Freedom of expression is fundamental to a person's very humanity, That is why so many have sought to escape tyrannical regimes that deny them that most basic of rights.

  • As said in the title, It is a human right.

    See here: https://www. Equalityhumanrights. Com/en/human-rights-act/article-10-freedom-expression. The law says: Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. So it should not be limited because it's the only alternative to violence.

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