• We don't need the right to say whatever we want.

    Freedom of speech should have limitations. We limit things that are offensive, disrespectful, and people in power having more freedom/impact over people in less power or in a lower rank.
    We should limit what we can and can’t do with symbolic speech. You should have enough respect to know what you should and shouldn’t do. A lot of people don’t have respect to know that they shouldn’t do extreme symbolic speech. Such as burning the flag in protest. When the troops are out fighting for that flag other places in the world. Why would they fight so hard against other countries when they need to fight for it in our own country.
    Should people in power, or upper class, have more freedom/impact of speech? Should we listen more to the rich people or the poor people? Should it matter? It shouldn’t matter what class you are in. Upper class shouldn’t have more say on anything. Freedom of speech should be equal for everyone. Upper class shouldn’t have more say or impact on matters.

  • Hence the "freedom" aspect.

    Imposing limitations on speech implies there will be legal consequences if someone says something bad. Canada is doing something similar with gender pronouns, making it a hate crime (punishable by fine or jail) to misgender someone.

    Sure, some people are dicks, and I agree that we should call out those bad people, but to make it illegal to say something not nice is too extreme. And of course we'll have people taking advantage of this and filing false reports, where the only "proof" of anything is anecdotal, "he said she said" arguments.

    Freedom of speech is not free of consequences, but it should remain free.

  • It's called free speech for a reason.

    You cannot put restrictions on something that is titled 'free'. The whole point of free speech is that fact that people can express feeling and opinions no matter the situation. Now of course we don't want huge amounts of free speech becoming more like hate speech and racism which is what I believe a lot of people take free speech to be. It needs to be down to the individual and a bit of common sense. We are limiting ourselves in every aspect of life these days, people need to be trusted with a task and left to do it instead of letting everyone else solve problems for them by creating a law or a rule. Hence why free speech should have no limitations, it needs to be left to the individual.

  • Freedom of Speech not freedom of what I tell you to say

    While we may have Freedom of Speech that does not give freedom from consequences i.e. getting fired from your Job for something you said. Freedom of Speech allows the free flow of ideas if we were to start regulating this then you can only say what those in power want you to say or those who get offended which is ridiculous.

  • Freedom of speech is very important for the common people

    When guidelines are established to ban certain types of speech, the government is then capable of punishing people for simply saying something that some people think is bad. Remember, restricting freedom of speech simply takes our rights to certain kinds of speech and gives the power to determine what kind of speech is right to the government.
    Keep all speech rights in the hands of the individual.

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