Should freedom of speech on the Internet be regulated?

Asked by: Juris
  • The State's right to repress freedom of speech

    The internet has become an avenue for voiced out opinions to be heard, to the point these myriad opinions and ideals have become so contrasting or unnecessary that violence sparks from them. I believe the State has the right to repress the Freedom of Speech, especially in cases where voiced out opinions may lead to further violence. The should be a big margin between mere sayings and opinions that may be detrimental at the time it is expressed. The internet, when not regulated, will be a mix of contrasts that sparks arguments, contradictory to the internet's main principle of linking people together.

    Posted by: CATC
  • Regulated yes. Unnecessarily restricted...No!

    The Internet is a method of communication. All communication comes with responsibility. In the US, we have some clear limits on freedom of speech in our constitution. These can and should be applied to Internet communication to the extent they apply. Otherwise, let's not create new restrictions where none are needed.

  • Speech should be free and unrestricted on the internet.

    If you regulate free speech, it isn't free speech. Open, sincere, and even controversial speech must be protected to advance society. Imagine if Martin Luther King Jr. Was banned because some of his speeches were followed by violence. Yes, words can stir up violence and passion, and that is the speech that needs protection the most. All great movements were started with controversial speech, challenging the status quo. Allowing regulation is a gateway to governments simply shutting up any dissent. It is the antithesis of progress.

  • No it would change everything

    Having the internet regulated would limit things that we could put on it and take things that we already have off. It would mean no more pictures of anything famous, no more downloading movies, apps, music, etc. Plus according to the constitution we have the freedom of speech in anything in a media age like ours, it includes internet and it would be going against the constitution.

  • Freedom of Speech should not be regulated

    I believe that freedom of speech should not be regulated because it is no longer a 'Freedom', but, the world still need to keep in mind that they are still talking to people and people have feelings. This freedom should apply to the internet, but people should not racist, violent, innapropriate, or slandering others.

  • No, the internet should have freedom of speech too.

    Saying that we need to regulate Freedom of Speech on the Internet would not make sense. If it is Freedom of speech, then you cannot regulate it. Besides, over the Internet people talk from all over the world, so who is going to regulate the speech of someone from a country outside of the US? Freedom of speech should be allowed on the Internet too.

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