Should full filibuster rights be restored to the United States Senate?

  • Restore The Filibuster

    The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy as it is widely believed. The filibuster is an important aspect of the republic. Rather than being forced to comply with the majority, the filibuster is an important safety net for the minority in order to protect the rights of the individual.

  • Filibuster must be restored

    Government is not supposed to be easy. The purpose of the filibuster is to be a safety net for the minority, and protect the rights of the individual. That's the big difference between a democracy and the Constitutional Republic we're supposed to be. Just because a group may be in the minority doesn't mean they're wrong.

  • Waste of time and useless

    Filibustering is just a way for senators to fight each other. You won't be able to get any thing done, because if someone doesn't want a bill to be passed they can just go up and talk about things that aren't even relevant to the topic, just so that time runs out, and the senate isn't able to vote. Also, when the president wants someone to hold a certain position, the senate can filibuster and waste time so that the president chooses someone more to their liking. The president should have the power not to be undermined since he is the one who has to work with these people

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