Should fully bilingual education take place from grades K-8 to suit the shifting cultural demographics of the United States?

  • This would be beneficial for everyone!

    All of the rebuttal statements say that it is unnecessary and that if you are not from the United States that you should learn English. Although I agree with this, with the current job market it is almost necessary to know another language to make yourself a more competitive candidate, and this is coming from an upcoming college graduate. Plus, the way that we teach another language in America is backwards. The way that it is taught is wrong, and it has been proven that when you start learning a language earlier you will pick it up faster and easier. WIth the shifting cultural demographics I find it necessary and also beneficial. Most importantly, our nation was created on the principles of being a melting pot. When did we become so anti-everything non-American in our country? These are our principles. Welcome the diversity, that's where it all began and none of us would be here without it.

  • I don't see what the harm would be.

    Though America is (for now) an English-speaking nation, our country is comprised of multiple ethnic groups. Though I think it would be behooving for the majority of people in this country to know how to speak the English language, it would not hurt for people to have an understanding of these groups' language either. If other cultures can deal with learning English, and thus becoming bilingual, I don't see why native-English speakers shouldn't do the same. America is their home just as much as it is ours.

  • If it's financially feasible

    Knowing multiple languages is an advantage for most people. I think children in K-8 need to learn English, but it would be great for all of them to be exposed to multiple languages. Assuming it could be financially feasible, and practically feasible it would be great. My elementary school kids have a "language" segment which consists of watching a DVD with less Spanish than your average episode of Dora the Explorer. It's a waste of time and money, and they're not learning another language. I'd love for them to be able to do so.

  • It is a gift.

    Yes, fully bilingual education should take place from grades K-8 to suit the shifting cultural demographics of the United States, because knowing two languages will be a large help to children in the working world. At a young age, a child has a great capacity to learn a foreign language. They should take advantage of this in schools while they are young.

  • America Needs A Second Language Anyway

    When you consider the language barriers in Europe, watching America flounder with two languages seems quite silly. I believe it would be better if we did teach bilingual education throughout the public school systems to suit the shifting cultural demographics. America is getting bigger and we need to accept the fact that knowing Spanish could potentially help us in the long run.

  • We have always been an English speaking nation.

    People act as if there are too many Hispanics for English to remain the only language in the US. I would like to point out that the largest ethnic group in the US is Germans. We didn't make German an official language, even when they made up a percentage much higher than the 16.7 of Hispanics today. While I am not opposed to learning another language, I think that making every kid learn Spanish would be the end of the melting pot. Every group of people who came to America contributed to our American culture, but they were also Americanized. They learned to speak English. Why should we treat Spanish speakers differently? By treating them differently, we risk having them never assimilate, which would cause a polarized, self-segregating society.

  • Bilingual education should not take place from grades K-8.

    There should not be bilingual education in the United States. English is the national language of America, and there should be no other language in the world of education. Although a lot of immigrants speak Spanish, the majority of Americans would not approve of this language being taught in schools.

  • Fully bilingual education should not take place from grades K-8 to suit the shifting cultural demographics of the United States.

    Fully bilingual education should not take place from grades K-8 to suit the shifting cultural demographics of the United States. I think that if you are not from the United States then you should have to learn English as your primary language. It would cost schools way too much to provide fully bilingual education.

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