Should fully immersed Virtual Reality gaming be researched?

Asked by: TheNameLad
  • Fully Immersed I would assume includes taking Pain receptors into account.

    This can be used as a medical technology allowing for those in rehabilitating pain to be able to talk to their loved ones in a pain free environment without dosing the human body with a ton of unnecessary opiums. They could remotely communicate with family and loved ones from their hospital beds without waiting there all day for people to come vist them also.

  • It would be extremely beneficial.

    If we got a full virtual reality machine, it wouldn't always be like a video game. In fact we have something very close called the Occulus Rift. It could be used to train surgeons in a real-life situation without the cost of a life. It could be used to learn how to fly a plane, or to practice parachuting before the real thing takes place.

    We are not that far from getting a machine that works like that, and if we can perfect this then we can use it for beneficial reasons. That's why I believe it should be used.

  • IT would be awesome

    That is my reasoning. I see why it may sound dangerous but I'm sure that the technology and science involved with it would be boosted and our understanding of the topic of "existence" and reality would be reimbursed if not advanced.

    Besides, who doesn't want to play a game where reality is not actually what you think and you're in a false/fantasy world that seems real?

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