• I believe "Fun Home" was deserving of the Tony it won

    It was an excellent show, but it also dealt with some very important issues. Oftentimes art is not simply about entertainment but also a tool to evoke a response in the public. The issues dealt with in the show are important and timely, and I support the use of art to make statements and provoke conversation on important topics.

  • Yes, "Fun Home" should have won the Tony Award for best musical.

    "Fun Home" is one of the first major Broadway musicals to address issues regarding sexuality and the LGBTQ community. It addresses issues of conventional social gender norms and sexuality in a way that hasn't been seen before, and provides a strong coming-of-age story which could prove influential towards developing youth in a positive way. In addition, the musical's structure itself is unconventional, as it features three time periods that play out on stage in a non-linear fashion, but the direction of the musical as it was performed both Off-Broadway and in the 2015 Broadway version was so phenomenal that the story made sense regardless of the unconventional structuring of time.

  • Fun Home Wins a Much Deserved Tony.

    Fun Home won the Tony Award for best musical and it was well deserved. This is the first musical to have a lesbian as the main character. It is nice to see that musicals or plays like this are now getting the recognition they deserve, and it was definitely time for a production like this should win.

  • Yes, "Fun Home" showed the best Broadway musical production

    Yes, "Fun Home" meritoriously won the Tony Award for best musical. Was an artistic and sophisticated productions . “Fun Home,” which tells the story of how Ms. Bechdel, as a middle-aged cartoonist, tries to understand her own coming-of-age as a lesbian in a family where her father was secretly gay, has moved audiences with the emotional power of its story, as well as the haunting lyricism of its music

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