Should furloughed federal workers get back pay for working during the most recent U.S. government shutdown?

  • Yes, Of course furloughed workers should be paid

    Even the ones who are not required "essential" and are not currently working. Workers should not have to "expect" that the government will shut down and use them as political pawns. That is ridiculous. These are real people, With real families and children that need to eat and pay the mortgage. The median salary of federal workers is around $50k, Not $120k (that is the highest pay grade). TSA workers start around $31k. That is not enough to have a month long "rainy day savings fund" if you have a family and mortgage. The government has plenty of money to pay them and it should be illegal to shut down the government because the president doesn't get his way. If the private sector was playing games with people's livelihoods like this, That should also be illegal.

  • Yes they should!

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  • Yes all furloughed federal employees should receive back pay

    It is our elected senators and representatives that failed to do their jobs. We will be required to clear all of our work within acceptable timeframes regardless of the fact we were essentially locked out from working. The politicians should lose their pay. Voters need to wake up and not be re-elected since they can’t do their jobs. Each and every year the annual appropriations need to be approved by the politicians so that all federal employees can do their jobs.

  • Federal workers, but not members of congress

    Federal workers had no choice about the furlough, and they have been dealing with shutdowns and cuts because of gridlock. It's not their fault, and they should at least get back pay for the days they weren't paid. This does not apply to the members of Congress, who engineered this situation.

  • Furloughed Workers Should Receive Back Pay

    Yes, furloughed federal workers should receive back pay for working during the most recent United States government shut down. Any time a worker works, that worker is entitled to compensation. During a goverment shut down is no different. Had these workers not received back pay, the government would have been stealing from them.

  • Work Equals Pay

    Every federal worker who stayed on the job during the federal government shutdown of the fall of 2013 should get paid for the hours they worked. It just makes sense. People don't work for free--that's called volunteerism. Contemporary society is successful when workers put in labor and make money. In turn, that money is spent on consumer goods.

  • If you don't work, You should NOT get paid.

    Of course, Those employees required to work should be paid retroactively. Why should employees who don't work, Get paid? It is extremely unfair to those who were required to work and to the taxpayers. In private world, We all experience this through job eliminations & plan accordingly. If you work for the federal gov't. , You know this is going to happen. Federal employees get job security & benefits that most in the private sector don't get. All jobs have pros & cons. Government shutdowns are a reality that should be expected and planned for by the employees. You shouldn't expect all the benefits of being a federal worker but not be willing to take the downsides. The real world does not operate that way for the rest of us.

  • If you worked Yes, If Not you should be fired

    If you worked then you should be considered essential and be paid for the work you did. If you sat at home for the last month it's clear that you are not needed and shouldn't be wanted. Trump should simply fire every one of them and frame it as fixing the budget. Myself and absolutely no one I know even notice that there is a shutdown happening.

  • No work, No pay

    If they are not working and are not needed, Why should we pay them? If they are working, Pay them. Take the salaries of Congress and let all the millionaires in Congress wait for their pay. If they are going to get paid, Get them back to work.
    How would you feel if you had to work, Others did not and you all got paid? Not right, Not moral, Not fair.

  • No work, No pay

    Welcome to the real world the rest of us live in every day. Uncertainty and challenge.

    Let me see if I have this right, Those who are working complain they should get paid now because they are working, Those who are not working complain they should get paid even though they are not working? Wow, I wish I lived in that fantasy world. If you are working you should get paid now, But if you're not working and are unhappy about it go get a new job!

  • No work, No pay

    It's a free vacation for them. 26 days of not working and now Trump has signed a bill that says they will all get back pay. . . For what? They aren't working. I agree with the people that say that as government employees, They should know that they *might* be furloughed and should have some sort of savings or backup to get them through when they aren't receiving paychecks. . . For doing nothing.

  • Question is misleading

    Furloughed federal workers who had to work during the shutdown should get back pay, But furloughed workers who did not work should not get paid.
    We need to separate those two categories of federal workers for the sake of the argument.
    Most people voting "No" are specifically talking about the workers who did not work during the shutdown.

  • No pay for no work.

    I the real world when an employee is "Furloughed", The employee is paid the balance of their banked leave (vacation/sick) and sent home. Employers have 6 weeks to ask the employee to return. During that time the employee is NOT paid and if they are brought back no back pay is due. This isn't unique to the government and I don't understand why government employees should be treated differently.

  • Capitalist Country - No requirement for wages

    Your not working. That's always a risk an employee takes. It happens in the private work force as well. For every sob story, There's one in the private work force including recently with GM. At least you get notice. We have all heard stories about businesses that close and never reopen leaving employees stranded and without a paycheck they earned. The median pay of a federal employee is over $120K, So most should be able to survive. There's nothing guaranteed in life and now federal employees are feeling what most Americans don't take for granted - a job.

  • Sorry but I vote NO as well.

    Our elected officials have created this mess and everyone is posturing their positions to get what they want holding the American public hostage. Those Fed employees who are required to work unpaid should be paid and those who were not at work should not get paid. I think those who are not working and not being paid would be more engaged with their elected officials and lobby to get a solution sooner than later. It’s not cost effective to pay for work that hasn’t been done. I cannot do that in my role. If I don’t work I don’t get paid no matter how much I’d like to work. It’s a hard position but logically the only decision that is “fair and true”.

  • Furloughed, Non-working, Federal workers should not get back pay.

    Furloughed, Non-working, Federal workers should not get back pay. They should have saved at least 1 month of pay for emergencies anyway. Going without work in the private sector is something one must plan for and save for. That is the first step to financial independence. To work for the govt. Should be no different.

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