Should furloughed federal workers get back pay for working during the most recent U.S. government shutdown?

  • Federal workers, but not members of congress

    Federal workers had no choice about the furlough, and they have been dealing with shutdowns and cuts because of gridlock. It's not their fault, and they should at least get back pay for the days they weren't paid. This does not apply to the members of Congress, who engineered this situation.

  • Furloughed Workers Should Receive Back Pay

    Yes, furloughed federal workers should receive back pay for working during the most recent United States government shut down. Any time a worker works, that worker is entitled to compensation. During a goverment shut down is no different. Had these workers not received back pay, the government would have been stealing from them.

  • Work Equals Pay

    Every federal worker who stayed on the job during the federal government shutdown of the fall of 2013 should get paid for the hours they worked. It just makes sense. People don't work for free--that's called volunteerism. Contemporary society is successful when workers put in labor and make money. In turn, that money is spent on consumer goods.

  • No Work...No Pay

    They are sitting at home doing nothing and therefore should not get paid. If they don't get paid maybe they would complain more to the politicians to get a budget in place so these shutdowns don't happen. The private sector is hurt by not having access to Federal offices or services too.

  • No They Should Not

    I do not believe the employees who were furloughed during the recent government shut down should not receive back pay. These employees did not work during this time and while it wasn't planned, they were subjected to the same problems many employees in the private sector deal with. I do not think the government should have to pay someone for sitting at home, basically on the equivelant of a vacation.

  • No, they did not work.

    No, furloughed federal workers should not get back pay for working during the most recent U.S. government shutdown, because they did not do their work during that time. Working for the government, a person runs the risk that the government will shut down and they will temporarily be out of a job. It is scary that so many government workers did not even have one month of savings in the bank.

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