Should furloughed federal workers get back pay for working during the most recent U.S. government shutdown?

  • Yes, Of course furloughed workers should be paid

    Even the ones who are not required "essential" and are not currently working. Workers should not have to "expect" that the government will shut down and use them as political pawns. That is ridiculous. These are real people, With real families and children that need to eat and pay the mortgage. The median salary of federal workers is around $50k, Not $120k (that is the highest pay grade). TSA workers start around $31k. That is not enough to have a month long "rainy day savings fund" if you have a family and mortgage. The government has plenty of money to pay them and it should be illegal to shut down the government because the president doesn't get his way. If the private sector was playing games with people's livelihoods like this, That should also be illegal.

  • Yes they should!

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  • Yes all furloughed federal employees should receive back pay

    It is our elected senators and representatives that failed to do their jobs. We will be required to clear all of our work within acceptable timeframes regardless of the fact we were essentially locked out from working. The politicians should lose their pay. Voters need to wake up and not be re-elected since they can’t do their jobs. Each and every year the annual appropriations need to be approved by the politicians so that all federal employees can do their jobs.

  • Federal workers, but not members of congress

    Federal workers had no choice about the furlough, and they have been dealing with shutdowns and cuts because of gridlock. It's not their fault, and they should at least get back pay for the days they weren't paid. This does not apply to the members of Congress, who engineered this situation.

  • Furloughed Workers Should Receive Back Pay

    Yes, furloughed federal workers should receive back pay for working during the most recent United States government shut down. Any time a worker works, that worker is entitled to compensation. During a goverment shut down is no different. Had these workers not received back pay, the government would have been stealing from them.

  • Work Equals Pay

    Every federal worker who stayed on the job during the federal government shutdown of the fall of 2013 should get paid for the hours they worked. It just makes sense. People don't work for free--that's called volunteerism. Contemporary society is successful when workers put in labor and make money. In turn, that money is spent on consumer goods.

  • Why should they?

    The contractors don't get back pay and the "essential personal" who did work don't get extra pay for the work they did perform while the rest did not come in at all. How is that fair to them or the American taxpayer who don't get back pay when things get tough?

  • No and yes.

    Government workers who were furloughed during the government shutdown and who did not work should NOT be entitled to full back pay. Those government workers should be treated the same way millions of other workers in the private sector are treated. They should be entitled to file for unemployment insurance for the period they were out of work. And hopefully during that period they would put significant pressure on their inept congressmen and congresswomen to get the government back and running soonest.

  • No pay for non-working Federal Employees

    Sorry, But this is America. . . No work / no pay. This is a dagger in the back of hard working / tax paying citizens of this country. Knowing this now, What Federal Employee would care if there is another shutdown or not. As long as I'm paid, Shut it down.

  • No pay for no work

    Just read that back pay includes any ot the federal worker usually gets as part of their regular paycheck. What a stab in the back to taxpayers. This should never be a political pawn to be used by any party/president. Back pay should be paid from the salary of those in Congress/Senate/white house.

  • No getting paid for sitting on your ass

    Where else but the government can I sign up for a job where I can sit around and do nothing and still get paid, AND sometimes not even have to show up to work due to a shutdown vacation paid for by me the taxpayer. Disgusting. If anything all backpay should come out of the paycheck of those on Congress.

  • Private Sector workers takes it in the bum

    No one cries or worries about private sector workers when they get laid off or lose their jobs. I see this as a lay-off and no pay if you did’t work. Only in our government does this crap happen.
    A company I represent recently sent out a memo on how they are in a position to help these poor Government workers during this shut down. Never in my 33 years in business have I ever seen an offer like that for a mill worker, Steel worker, Coal miner, Farmer or anyone. Makes me sick.

  • They shouldn’t have been furloughed. . .

    The idea that any one is “non-essential” is ridiculous as not only doesn’t no one want to be labeled that but as we’ve seen with the state of the national parks everyone is very much essential. They should have been allowed to work and then would have every right to back pay.

  • What's the point of the shutdown?

    Government employees have the cushiest jobs there are. They get raises regardless of merit, They get free healthcare, They have liberal pensions and now they get paid for not going to work! Where else but suckling on the teat of the government would this be possible. Not in private sector.

  • Can I get Furloughed please?

    I need to be able to not show up for work for a while. I have saved 15% of my paychecks the past decade as everyone should do I can last 15 months or so on my own. . .

    O wait. You don't know how to save money so you think you should be paid for not showing up for work? . . . . . Your unpreparedness for life events owes you nothing. You have a job where this is and has become the norm yet you have nothing in savings. Your job isn't for you.

  • No Work should mean No Pay!

    It is just silly to pay back wages to employees who stayed home. Why did the back pay authorization not require them to go to work to get it? Only in the swamp! I am all for back pay for essential workers, And anyone else who works during the shut-down. I would even support a percentage bonus for those who work with delayed pay. I would like to know if the federal government is on an accrual accounting system. If so, The back pay legislation constitutes an expense without budget authorization.

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