Should furloughed federal workers get back pay when the government shutdown ends?

  • Workers should be paid for their work

    Just because childish members of the US Congress cannot get everything they want does not mean that people who have earned their income working for our government should not receive it. These congressmen and women are not fooling anyone when they talk about simply trying to protect our tax dollars.

  • Why back pay them?

    Not their fault they couldn't work but if you don't work no pay. Not fair to those who had no choice but to work and not receiving a pay check. Even though it will be paid later. I would love a "unshelduled" paid vacation too! Not right. Not entitled back pay. Did not perform job functions.

  • No, because we need to see the full effects of shut down.

    It is good for the workers themselves, especially those at the lower levels (and maybe that should be a criterion for back pay) if they get their pay returned after a shut down. But it does not really sho the full effects of what a shut down does and the public is still inconvenienced.

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