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Posted by: Adolf892012518

No That Is Stupid

  For starters the majority of the furry fandom is not sexual. I believe statistics show about 38% of the fandom is sexual and the rest is not, But do not quote me on that. Also, I believe statistics show that only 17% of furries are actually zoophiles, The rest of the sexually part of the fandom are into stuff like having sex in fursuits. Yes, To most people including myself furries can be cringy at times; however, That does not mean that there should be a furry genocide. Even for the ones who have sex with animals they should simply be imprisoned.
Archus says2019-03-14T21:25:06.103
That may be a more reasonable argument but then again you're a trannie so your mental state must be called into question. For the sake of argument I'll pretend you're all there. You may not understand the anti-degenerate standpoint for obvious reasons but it is crucial to understand the value of adults being adults and not dressing up like animals. Strong men and women of the past never acted in such pathetic ways and with the way modern America is, The furries are just one group of mentally ill among many. The all must go at one time or another. Glad to see you're conservative though, I don't blame entirely you for being a little off.
melcharaz says2019-03-14T23:35:08.703
Archus. A persons opinion is valid as long as they share the same reality as everyone else. Calling someone mentally unfit to judge a topic is dodging the real issue. YOU don't feel they should have a say. You can argue that being a furry is a sign of mental illness, However its more to do with spiritual and moral matters.
thepicklecat says2019-10-02T14:57:12.210
Are we not going to talk about how 17 PERCENT OF FURRIES ARE ZOOPHILES HOLY SHIT THAT IS ALOT OF PEOPLE. And that number is probably going to increase as well
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-05-25T13:51:46.990
Ew is he a f*cking tranny? F***ing kill yourself you worthless piece of sh*t furry defender
Sven-Olof_Lindholm says2020-05-25T13:51:54.727
Ew is he a f*cking tranny? F*cking kill yourself you worthless piece of sh*t furry defender
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