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Posted by: Adolf892012518

God Said So

  If a man lies with an animal, He shall surely be put to death, And you shall kill the animal (Leviticus 20:15). That's enough evidence. If God said so then we must obey. You must subject to the fact that furries are not humans therefore they must be put down like animals
owoganger says2019-03-17T04:13:33.887
God forbid, We do something that a magical book from thousands of years ago tells us not to do. That wouldn't be good, Now would it. Remember to skip work every Sunday and pray to our all-powerful sky person. :D
thepicklecat says2019-10-02T14:51:56.917
Well at least Christians arn't degenerates and actually do something good with there life, Unlike SOME PEOPLE.
Feathertoes says2019-11-03T13:21:59.463
Child, I hope you know that being a furry doesn't make you a zoophile
ConservativesAreFreaks says2020-04-02T12:26:46.757
How f***ing old are you bud, Because I don’t think you’ve done any f***ing research on furries, What you did was read the bible and pretend that can explain anything at f***ing all
Junegloom says2020-04-23T22:42:00.257
XtraSpecialBoi says2020-06-25T06:29:58.940
Do you know what God also said? Eating pork and wearing jeans will land you in hell.
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