• The Furry Fandom are despicable degenerates

    They provide nothing to humanity, They are disgusting, And they are generally terrible people.
    If having sex with the family pet doesn't make you want to put a gun to their head, Then their constant want to not be attacked for their disgusting fetish will. These "People" have forsaken their humanity and must be purged immediately.

  • Furries are dumb stupid

    They are abusive to me and bad people, They are abusive to me and bad people, They are also mean and abusive, And on top of that they are abusive thinking they are animals! How do kids grow up thinking they want to be a stupid little animal that everyone thinks is wierd!

  • Furries are degenerates.

    People make up all sorts of excuses for gays, Feminists, Trannies, And everything else, But can't we all agree that furries are absolute scum? No one becomes a furry because they think it is the modest or right thing to do. Furries are sexual deviants whose lack of moral compass exposes them to unknown levels of degeneracy. Truly sick people. A more moderate approach might be to just deport them to some hole in the ground in Africa.

  • God Said So

    If a man lies with an animal, He shall surely be put to death, And you shall kill the animal (Leviticus 20:15).

    That's enough evidence. If God said so then we must obey. You must subject to the fact that furries are not humans therefore they must be put down like animals

  • Down with the furry scum

    Furries are animals, Thus they are non_productive animal members of our society. What happens to non_productive animal members of our society? Death! Death happens! They are euthanized at vet clinics because they are worthless and deserve death. . . . Plus, They are big gay and have done terrible things for the world and will continue if we do not stop this plague!

  • Kill all furries

    If one of my friends started talking bout doing it with an animal, First of all I would puke, Then I would need talk to them and if they tell me about it again I would push them off a cliff or something. It's just wrong to go around doing it with your pet, Even worse someone else!

  • I don't get it

    What's the point of keeping those furries that do useless sh*t to our society. They just go around saying I'm an animal like a useless stupid pig. We don't need to eat them we can just kill them and kick them out since they just make the world die by releasing carbon dioxide so what's the point of keeping them if they just release carbon dioxide and make the world die. Us human beings have reasonings to live although the furries don't because as other furries said they like living a life them self like an animal. Which is not useful for our society to live in.

  • Yes, Furries are an absolute disgrace to our world.

    Furries are like failed abortion, They may kill our world in a disgusting nasty way because if they turn into what they want to be the "I'm an animalllll" more annoying useless animals will increase. If all of this useless nasty douchebag is alive the world will soon die. In order to save this word, We must genocide all of these furries that cause our society to die.

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  • Die Monster! You Don't Belong in This World!

    Die, Monster! You don't belong in this world! It was not by my hand that I'm once again given flesh. I was called here by humans who wish to pay me tribute. "Tribute"? ! You steal men's souls, And make them your slaves! Perhaps the same could be said of all religions. Your words are as empty as your soul! Mankind ill needs a savior such as you! What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets! But enough talk! Have at you!

  • Stop killing furries

    Just because there are furries in the world doesn't bean anything. Its like telling a person that their racist just because there white, Vice versa.
    Some people do it because its there religion or because they can if its their dog and on their time who cares. From what iv'e seen the could be the best person in the world, But you found out their a furrie you should respect them not treat them like like Ghoul (Tokyo Ghoul reference)

  • They're human beings.

    Jokes aside, You can't kill people for their hobbies or sexual interests. As long as they keep to themselves, They shouldn't really bother you, And you should mind your own business. While I am not a furry myself, If I were one, I definitely wouldn't want to be killed for the things I like to do. We should be much more open-minded and accepting of the things people like to do.

  • Don't genocide furries

    Listen not all furries are bad. You may think negative of them but they are human beings just like everyone else in the world. If you kill them then you basically just committed murder. Could you actually live with know that you killed another human being? Please don't genocide furries.

  • Furries are people!

    Furries deserve to do whatever they choose to do! They only have one life so they should live it at their finest and if they want to live it being a furry, So be it! They should not be disrespected and definitely not genocided! To all the people that said yes they are crazy and should get a brain! These are human beings not trash! Thank you

  • Furrie should not be killed

    So i hate furries but it does't mean to discourage them for what they do best and it does't mean to kill furries they just have a good intrest in animals and it is bad to kill real people and hurt them they are humans too and that would decrease the population

  • No That Is Stupid

    For starters the majority of the furry fandom is not sexual. I believe statistics show about 38% of the fandom is sexual and the rest is not, But do not quote me on that. Also, I believe statistics show that only 17% of furries are actually zoophiles, The rest of the sexually part of the fandom are into stuff like having sex in fursuits. Yes, To most people including myself furries can be cringy at times; however, That does not mean that there should be a furry genocide. Even for the ones who have sex with animals they should simply be imprisoned.

  • Just let them live

    I don't really support furries, And the furries on the internet can be very cringy. But there's no need to threaten to harm them. I get that they can be immature, But I don't think all of them are like that. Instead of adding to the immaturity, Just let them be.

  • They shouldn't be

    Furries are people too, And they aren't by far as weird as the people on the internet portray them. Those weird ones exist too, It's just that it's the minority (I hope). So as long as they aren't hurting anybody, I'm completely okay with them. So no, They shouldn't be genocided.

  • It's a Harmless Hobby

    Furries like to dress up as animals, Usually in a sexual context. I'm not a furry, But I don't see what's wrong or even disturbing about that. If consenting adults want to put on costumes and have sex with each other, Have at it.

    Some of the responses on the "yes" side seem to be confusing furries with zoophiles. Having sex with a human dressed in a costume is NOT the same thing as having sex with an animal.

    And some are confusing furries with otherkin. Dressing up as an animal does NOT mean you think of yourself as being an animal. It's a costume. It's role play. That's all it is.

  • The Yes people seem to be very biased and mis-informed

    No, We shouldn't kill the furries. Most people hate furries because everyone else does. They have basic claims like "degeneracy" or "disgusting" when in reality they know nothing or very little that's just based on the bad things. Sure, A small fraction of furries have sex with animals. Doesn't mean all of them do. Another common argument is I see that people think that furries see themselves as the animals, Which is very wrong. It's more of a roleplay thing, Not very different from cosplaying as a video game character you like. Obviously, You don't think yourself to be that character, But rather just dress up as them for fun. While I agree a large portion of the community is sexualized, That's no different then humanity itself. A lot of people have had sex by the time they become adults, And even more afterwards. Just because furries may be more vocal about their sexualities doesn't mean its worse. So no, Furries don't deserve to be genocided.

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