• Furries Are Disgusting

    Furries are disgusting, Horrible degenerates that deserve nothing except the gas chambers. They weaken the human race by not helping with anything except constant bestiality and disgusting endeavors that the say people like, But no one really likes. They are simply a stain on the record of the human race They are not part of a "fandom". Having sex with your dog isn't a "fandom". It's a disgusting, Traumatizing, Deplorable act and all who practice it should be locked up in maximum security or put to the firing lines.

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  • Select genocide, Not an all-out genocide

    Yes, Adults wearing childish and bright antrhomorphic furry animal costumes are dumb. But, We shouldn't genocide as it would cause outrage in some degree. Some of them are important to society.

    But, I would argue that there are some mix between degeneracy and wearing fur suits, Including pedophilia and zoophilia

  • Because they yiff

    It has to happen. I will now use up my other 39 words by sharing some of the best adjectives:
    Egregious (mmmmmmmmmm such a good word)

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  • If they want to be animals, We should be free to hunt them.

    They provide no benefit to society, At best the material used in furrsuits could be used for producing more of any other clothing, Bringing clothing down in price and making it more accessible to everyone. At worst. . . . Well you can just read all the other reasoning already expressed by others here ^_^

  • Furries are disgusting and horrible

    Almost every furry I knew has acted like I was a worthless piece of shit. Some furries I knew had huge scars on my life because of them making me feel worthless. I was depressed for so long. Also, Who would want to see people dressed up as an animal having sex? No one. If a child is dressing up as an animal for Halloween, Understandable. If a full grown adult is dressing up as an animal to have sex (or not) that is very disgusting. All jokes aside, If furries want to be animals, Kill them. It wouldn't be different from killing a pig or sheep would it?

    Posted by: VCTG
  • God Said So

    If a man lies with an animal, He shall surely be put to death, And you shall kill the animal (Leviticus 20:15).

    That's enough evidence. If God said so then we must obey. You must subject to the fact that furries are not humans therefore they must be put down like animals

  • They're human beings.

    Jokes aside, You can't kill people for their hobbies or sexual interests. As long as they keep to themselves, They shouldn't really bother you, And you should mind your own business. While I am not a furry myself, If I were one, I definitely wouldn't want to be killed for the things I like to do. We should be much more open-minded and accepting of the things people like to do.

  • No That Is Stupid

    For starters the majority of the furry fandom is not sexual. I believe statistics show about 38% of the fandom is sexual and the rest is not, But do not quote me on that. Also, I believe statistics show that only 17% of furries are actually zoophiles, The rest of the sexually part of the fandom are into stuff like having sex in fursuits. Yes, To most people including myself furries can be cringy at times; however, That does not mean that there should be a furry genocide. Even for the ones who have sex with animals they should simply be imprisoned.

  • Furries are people!

    Furries deserve to do whatever they choose to do! They only have one life so they should live it at their finest and if they want to live it being a furry, So be it! They should not be disrespected and definitely not genocided! To all the people that said yes they are crazy and should get a brain! These are human beings not trash! Thank you

  • Don't genocide furries

    Listen not all furries are bad. You may think negative of them but they are human beings just like everyone else in the world. If you kill them then you basically just committed murder. Could you actually live with know that you killed another human being? Please don't genocide furries.

  • Furrie should not be killed

    So i hate furries but it does't mean to discourage them for what they do best and it does't mean to kill furries they just have a good intrest in animals and it is bad to kill real people and hurt them they are humans too and that would decrease the population

  • Stop killing furries

    Just because there are furries in the world doesn't bean anything. Its like telling a person that their racist just because there white, Vice versa.
    Some people do it because its there religion or because they can if its their dog and on their time who cares. From what iv'e seen the could be the best person in the world, But you found out their a furrie you should respect them not treat them like like Ghoul (Tokyo Ghoul reference)

  • Yeah furries are weird but committing genocide is never justified

    If you were to do so, You would be no better than Hitler. Besides, You gotta tolerate other people's hobbies even though you don't share them. Furries may as well be productive and responsible members of society, If you look past their interests. It doesn't mean you gotta like ferries, But committing genocide is wrong.

  • Furries are people

    I, Personally, Do not agree with their sexual behaviour however, They are still people. Do we want to begin another period in history in which people are systematically murdered just because of the way they were born? No. I do not agree with those whose motives and actions are akin to Hitler's.

  • They are human

    Just because they have different hobbies than you doesn't mean that they should be killed. I am also guessing that you made this as a joke because I don't think anyone in their right mind could think that this is OK. People need to learn that just because someone is different from you doesn't mean that they should be killed. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk

  • They’re people too

    As much as I dislike the furries and want to see them gone, As long as they aren’t threatening you then they should be left alone. There’s still a person under their creepy suits, And killing that person would be murder and a federal crime. They still have a life and are the same as you, Except they do weird shit and like to bang dogs.

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