• Furries are a Scourge upon society

    If they want to be treated as animals, Than they would be able to be treated as such. It would give the furries the ability to be animals and we can systematically exterminate them for ruining everything about society, And causing extensive moral, Physical, And property damage on the country.

  • f**k these f***ing furries LMAO

    If furries want to be animals, Then we should be able to hunt them. After all, We humans are the superior species. Furries, However want to be a lesser species instead. Which is stupid and definitely not normal behavior. Wanting to be something else is abnormal, And hunting is the solution to cure this abnormality. Domesticating furries as pets is just a waste of time and effort. And furry sex. F**k this shit, I'm out. Where's my goddamn M4A1?

    I rest my case.

  • They want to be animals

    I see no reason why we shouldn’t be able to. They may be humans but while in costume they act like animals, They don’t talk and they’re playful, So why can’t we hunt them for sport. Not to mention they truly abuse animals because of their fetishes for them which is really gross. All in all furries act like animals so they should be treated as such

  • Animals we eat

    If they dress up as an animal then we should have the right to hunt them and if they act like animals we should be able to hunt them like always a so, Therefore, We should even tho they are humman it is there choice to dressup like an animal and we have the right to hunt

  • Hunt the furries tho

    They claim to be animals. So they aren't humans, As they wish so much, And should be hunted as if they WERE animals. They don't deserve human rights, And they are only a disgusting subspecies. People are starving out there, Give them the food that they want. So, Yes. Hunt them all

  • Yes hunt we shall

    Poeople say that they are people to but then why are they animal i will now qoute the great furry : ding dong your opinion is chong. . . Tie see a bye sigh says hi kie lie fly. That is way we must hunt them down so we can eat there flesh and burn there eyeballs

  • Just say yes.

    I have nothing to say here, I just hate them for so many reasons i can't even think it's that distracting. How about we just eliminate them and live like normal humans instead of letting them add genitals to everything because they can't hide their raging boner. F*CK furries.

  • They oppress gamers

    I'm shaking and crying right now how could they oppress us. These commie bastards keep trying to hold us gamers down but we will rise up. If they want to be treated like animals we should be able to hunt them for sport, Food, And fun. I'm smhing so hard right now.

  • I hate furries

    Do you know that one white guy that hates white people? That's me, But about furries. I'm a furry but I hate furries with a passion. I don't know if that makes sense but I hope it does. I really want someone out there to have a furry holocaust please.

  • Why do it?

    Why exactly do you hate them. Yeah we've heard it all, I hate furries and they are cancer but give me a solid reason as to why we need to hunt them. Remember these are still living breathing human beings. If we "start a furry holocaust" based on our belief it makes us no better than hitler. Since he started a genocide based on his belief that jews were inferior. Your belief that furries are inferior to you is known as ethnocentrism and is the cause of every worldwide tragedy in history. One of my best friends is a furry but they are still a normal person no matter what they like. So please, Give me a solid and factual based reason why we should kill furries.

  • Ha, Ha. Of course not.

    Furries are not real animals. They are people and should have the right to life. This may have been intended as a joke, But it's an offensive joke. I think jokes should only be legal if they're not offensive to anyone. I can't think of any other supporting arguments here.

  • People take jokes to far

    This may be a simple anti furry joke but in todays social climate jokes like this shouldnt happen. People can take things to far and wed end up with another mass shooting based on an edgy joke. Stop jokes like this and lives can be saved. We can prevent loss and sorrow for family members and a whole community.

  • Furries provide variety, And most stereotypes are wrong

    Just because furries have "fursuits" (their animal costumes) doesn't mean that when they wear them they act like animals. Not all furries have bestiality fetishes, And furries do talk and act like humans when in fursuit, They are a very open and supportive community, Even with those weirdos that nobody likes, They're still an entire community of HUMANS, And if this is a joke, It's a sick one and if we have a furry hunting season, We would be no better than Hitler and the holocaust.

  • Because their lives are just as important as of ours. Yes, They are a tad weird. But that is who we are.

    You have to realize that we have our own weird ways of life. They go put on some fursuits and have fun with friends. While people like you sit in your mom's basement playing fortnite. You should stop treating them like shit because they are just like you and you are just like them.

  • No Furry Hunting Season

    Furries should NOT have a hunting season because we are people too, And we don't need anything else to worry about outside of being yelled at for being a Furry, And purchasing our fur-suits. We Furries spend a lot of time(and money) on our suits, And we don't need to be hunted for it. Hunting Furries is like attacking every Cosplayer for acting like people from movies, Comics, And T. V. Shows.

  • Why though lmao

    That's terrible. All of the 15 and 16 kyear olds from tic tok are here lol. I love it. But nah, Just noooo it shouldnt be a thing. Cause let peopel be who they want to be lmao. Why am i taking the time to do this. MMMHKAY bye. REEE

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