Should future legislation strengthen labor unions (yes) or favor management (no)?

  • Yes strengthen the unions

    Yes strengthen the unions so that the workers can have fair and accurate representation in their jobs for equal pay, quality of working conditions. If they don't have this they will not be able to get wage increases when they really should. The union will go to bat for an worker that is being treated unfairly.

  • Labor Unions should be given the opportunity to modernize

    The old time model of corrupt labor unions helped to bring down the influence of American workers. As unions became more powerful, their influence was often abused or appropriated for a few. This led to a near collapse of the American workforce as a political power. Future legislation should take into account the need for modernized, reformed labor unions as part of a necessary dialog between workers and capitalists.

  • Labor unions are important to the workers

    I believe that labor unions should have more say so in what happens with those workers that have chosen to be a part of a labor union. Many people believe that labor unions are something that was needed in the past, but the issues that they were formed for are still around in this day and age.

  • We have to work.

    Future legislation should favor management instead of labor unions, because the management knows better than the unions how much they can afford to pay. If the company only has $10 in profit, they can only pay the person $10. The labor union doesn't seem to get that, and they just demand more money.

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