Should future students of for-profit schools be skeptical of Wall Street's embrace?

  • Everyone Should Be Skeptical of Wall Street's Embrace

    The only people who should be supportive of anything that Wall Street embraces are shareholders of the companies that are going to be part of the buy-in. Any customers or clients of a for-profit enterprise should be very wary. Students at for-profit schools should be prepared for an increase in costs and a reduction in services, in order to serve the bottom line of new masters.

  • Yes, Wall Street is only about money.

    Yes, they should be very skeptical because Wall Street has shown that it only cares about one thing and that is money. There are a lot of problems with for-profit schools and adding Wall Street to that makes it worse for them. For-profit schools are already expensive and Wall Street's embrace will make it even more expensive. Wall Street does not care about education, it cares about the money that they can make from the for-profit schools.

  • For profit schools are grasping at financial straws.

    There's more information every day on how to get great jobs without going to college - not to mention, there's a surge of schools coming up that are non-profit and for-profit schools are being forced to coincide with financial institutions like Wall Street because they're not in as big of a demand as they were before students started paving their own way without degrees because let's face it, student debt isn't exactly the American dream it was cut out to be.

  • welcomed wall street's embrace

    Wall street is not only about money but its is more than that. Wall street provides students to learn something practical about the business in the first hand and also help to build confidence in students who have spent more time in their classes rather than the real business field. Many activities can be learned.

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