Should gambling be involved in video games for kids?

Asked by: Sevensipe
  • If it's not real money

    If it's not real money it could teach them to be cautious with their resources. Nobody is saying there should be actual gambling in games but it explains why gambling is dangerous and why calculated risks are important(if you're 90% sure you're going to win you might bet a bit vs if you aren't sure or don't think you're going to win you won't)

  • There is no way to stop them

    There is gambling legit everywhere. Look in the first 4 generations of pokemon, all of them had some form of gambling. Fantasy football is gambling too. Even kids betting each other they can't do something in gambling. You don't even need to buy games now that we have emulators which makes gambling games insanely easy to acquire.

  • Gambling is already in.

    Just take one game : Team Fortress 2.

    You get a Crate Key and open a crate - you are already making a gamble.

    Either you get some weapons you have already, or a pretty sweet unusual.

    Taking chances are already in many games, if you disagree to this, you might as well disagree to the entire idea of gaming.

  • Its called life :

    Introducing gambling to younger adults is reasonable because everything aside from video game, they learn the value and principle through as you said financial desicisions. I talk about the principle as a principle of life. You make money and you lose it as well. Everybody does it, no matter te way they were/are raised.On aside note whats life without a little chance taking, kids are doing what they want regardless. Dont hold them back from life is all im saying.

  • Gambling is already rife.

    Is this gambling?
    Game developers say no, there are no real world prizes - but the similarity to a casino situation is striking. With worldwide followings running into hundreds of millions, many of whom will be children perhaps as young as 8, online games have an incredible potential to increase revenue on in-game currencies by using gambling like features. We know the social cost of problem gambling in adults and studies indicate that early introduction to gambling is a risk factor. Game developers should not have the freedom to develop gambling behaviour amongst children.

    Concerned gamer

  • No Gambling for Kids

    Children shouldn't be allowed to gamble. Gambling involves financial decision-making, often with repercussions. Current contract law indicates that contracts with minors are not valid. Therefore, if a minor child is not able to enter a contract, he or she should not be allowed to make important financial decisions. Video games shouldn't encourage kids to do something like gamble, which is currently illegal for them.

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