• I belive so

    Im just typing random things so that I can post tyhis. I believe yes for reasons I dont feel like saying on this website. Donald trump deserves to die along with hillary clintomn. Please just let me finish typing. I dont care about this anbymore. Screw all this crap bye

  • People will do it anyway

    The argument that blank causes problems could be attributed to alcohol, marijuana, prostitution and any other anti-puritanical "vice." People will continue to gamble and locking them up for doing it isn't going to solve anything. The only reasons to be against gambling are totalitarian or theological, neither of which are appropriate in the United States.

  • Gambling Causes Problems

    It is a proven, undeniable fact that gambling leads to crime, leads to addiction, and leads to bankruptcy. Yes, I know there are plenty of people who responsibly gamble with a little money, but there are also people who become addicted to gambling, and waste all their life saving at the poker table. And when they lose all their money, they end up stealing more money to feed their gambling addiction.

    If you ask me, gambling should only be legal in certain zones, like in Las Vegas. That way, those who want to gamble have a place to do it, and everywhere else doesn't have to face the consequences of their gambling. Sort of like how drinking is only legal in bars so people don't end up getting drunk in public.

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