• Yes, it should legalized

    Because I don't have enough money to play in a local casino. I have a full-time job at Mcdonald's, and I confess that I don't make sufficient amount of money to sustain myself, and gambling back in my childhood was an impressive and joyful experience. Furthermore, if I don't get to play in a casino, nobody else should, either.

  • Gambling should be legalized.

    There are multiple different forms of gambling. Some of the legalized ones include, video bingo, slot machines, online poker with cash and prize rewards, animal racing, and sports of skill like darts and pool. Why keep Casino table and card games illegal? Nebraska is losing millions of dollars because citizens are travelling to nearby states to do these activities. People do these things any ways and it’s costing the state extraordinarily.Considering the state debt is over 13 billion dollars, legalizing all forms of gambling (So money is spent in the state) may help Nebraska raise revenue to cut the state’s debt.

  • Yes it should.

    Gambling should become legal in Nebraska. The taxes that are imposed on casinos will be a great help to the economy of Nebraska. If you look at Nevada, there is no state tax, which help the people who live there keep more of their money. This helps the economy grow faster because the people have more money to spend.

  • Yes, gambling should be legalized in Nebraska.

    Gambling, while sinful and morally degrading, brings in millions of dollars every year, not only through the actual act of gambling, but through tourism and other related industries. Since there are not many industries in Nebraska, they desperately need the money and should be allowed to use gambling funds to balance their budget.

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