• The gambling definition

    Play games of chance for money; bet. Take risky action in the hope of a desired result.
    "the British could only gamble that something would turn up"
    synonyms: take a chance, take a risk; she was fond of gambling on cards and horses"
    synonyms: bet, place/lay a bet on something, stake money on something, back the horses, game; informal play the ponies
    "he started to gamble more often"

  • Yes, gambling should be legalized

    The reason being, is because isn't it our responsibility and decision to spend our money the way we want it to? It's a great way to relax let out some stress and earn some money. I don't think the government should restrict us from gambling when it's our choice. Thank you

  • Let the gambling be free

    Gambling can help in many different ways, like open up many new jobs so that it can stay open. Gambling does not only get money or the workers but can help other causes because people with not as much money can get more and not be living on a small thread held up with a piece of wood.

  • Yes gambling should be legalized

    Gambling is an excellent source of income and can generate a giant source of revenue for businesses and can also be put towards communities and projects going on in the city that is hosting the gambling. With the extra money coming in from gambling some impoverished cities could fix themselves up and have a nicer neighborhood for their citizens to live in.

  • More Cons then Pros

    Many lives are destroyed by gambling including their mental and social state. For some it ruins their relationships with families and lovers, gambling consumes their lives in a way that is hard to back out of. Even if gambling helps out the lucky few economically in order for it to happen it destroys others economically.Gambling makes you feel like you've had some extra cash in your pocket, but if you compare the money you've spent on gambling and the money you've earned from gambling you'll see the difference clearly.

  • No, gambling shouldn't be legalized.

    Gambling could be a great entertainment for self-deciplined people, however, there's no doubt that gambling causes a lot of serious problems among men who aren't self-deciplined. People are too eager to make money. There are innumerable cases of people losing all their properties because of gambling, and some of them even commit crimes for getting their money back! If gambling becomes legal in all regions, even more of those tragedies would be in progress! Therefore gambling shouldn't be legalized.

  • No, gambling should not be legalized.

    Gambling is already legal in many places, such as Las Vegas and on certain regional reservations/casinos, in some form or another in a total of 48 states. But gambling can destroy lives and marriages, and can be a source of addiction. It mostly only benefits the casinos and locations, so when anyone takes it past a simple low-budget game, it can become something that destroys someone financially. People lose billions of dollars every year in Las Vegas. Gambling is basically throwing money away, and so it makes little sense to make it more universally legalized than it already is.

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