Should gambling be regulated if it was proven to be commonly addictive?

  • Should Be Regulated

    Gambling is one of the most addictive activities out there because of the greed involved with the activity...Who doesn't want more money without having to work for it? Also, gambling is also about escapism from reality, so many people go to gambling, for long periods of time, to escape their stress or troubled times.

  • Yes. Regulate it.

    If you ban it completely, then it just goes on illegally. How many times do Americans have to learn that prohibition doesn't work. It didn't work for alcohol and it's not working with prostitution and gambling. Like most things you shouldnt be able to do it on your own to your 18. Also it shouldn't be banned for everybody just because a small amount of the population may become addicted.

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  • Gambling ruins families

    Gambling is addictive to some individuals to the point where all sense of reality goes out of the window and as a consequence it ruins families, relationships, lives and cripples peoples finances and potentially homes. Gambling should be treated the same as alcohol and cigarettes and removed from being advertised.

  • Gambling is the silent financial cocaine of society. Emergency regulation required just like drug control.

    Unlike drug or drink addiction gambling addiction immensely difficult to detect until major financial ruin is imminent. Very convincing likes and excuses are the mask. It needs to be regulated as to save marriages failing, children single parented and both with no future no home and no finance. A gambler will sell their soul to the devil by literally stealing from their children partner or family members, money jewellery or anything they can sell. Now if that is not reason for the government to regulate, they surely have no heart and can only see the tax financial gain. Urgent action must be taken now!

  • It causes nothing but troubles.

    Gambling out of control brings nothing but chaos to your life. It will ruin your life and future. Also, it is a complete waste of time. This hobby, as any other addiction, has no sense. Tell me, why are you going to risk yourself, your things, your family and your future for the opportunity to get some money?

  • Gambling is addictive and should be regulated tightly.

    Governments have a responsibility to regulate things that are harmful to the members of their societies. Addictive substances are regulated because addiction causes great harm to those affected by addiction and their friends, families and communities. Those addicted to gambling can lose all of their money to this addiction and end up homeless, as well as driving their families and friends to bankruptcy as well.

    Posted by: babyuniqh
  • No, gambling should not be banned.

    Like all exciting things in life, gambling can be addictive. But that does not mean that it should be banned. We already have a gambling age restriction set so that only adults may gamble. As an adult you are responsible for the actions that you take. If you are addicted to gambling, then you need to simply stop gambling.

  • Its not their addiction its ours!!!

    its not the governments resposibility to make sure every single citizen does not get a gambling addiction. and yes i think thAT IT SOULD be regulated. even though u may get an addiction its their fault if they want it not the government. I say let it be i for one just do it for the heck of it.

  • It is not the government's job to curb addiction.

    "Regulation" is an ambiguous term that could apply to almost anything. Gambling shouldn't be regulated, because casinos and other venues aren't making people bankrupt. Cigarettes and alcohol are not regulated, except on a store-to-store agreement. Similarly, gambling should not be regulated to stop people, unless these people cannot pay the venue or person involved.

    Posted by: NineLester37
  • Gambling should not be regulated, because it is a legal activity and adults should be able to use good judgement.

    Gambling is a legal activity in many states, and I feel it should not be regulated. People should be responsible for making good decisions, and the government and other regulatory agencies should stay away from getting involved in people's personal choices. Many things are addictive, but they aren't regulated. Things such as food, video games, alcohol, and television are addictive to many people, but it's not our place to step in and tell people how to live their lives.

    Posted by: SilentIgnacio
  • Gambling should not be regulated, it is a persons right to decide how and what to spend their money on.

    I agree that gambling can be an addiction, but it is up to the individual to seek help, not have the government force it upon them. Many things in this world are addicting, what grabs a hold of one person might not have any affect on another. Personally, I am addicted to reality TV, my friends and I wager bets on who will win The Bachelor or who will be the next American Idol and March Madness is my favorite time of year. I gamble with my life everyday I get on the California freeways! Point is, even if the government wanted to regulate gambling, it would be impossible to do. People gamble on so many different things and in so many different ways.

    Posted by: 5h4bbyHaIey
  • I oppose regulating things like gambling, which is a simple and harmless pastime for some.

    While there are many people with gambling addictions, it would be silly to regulate gambling any further than it already is. People can be addicted to very nearly anything(sex, alcohol, shopping), and we can not fix this just by adding more rules and regulations to things like gambling. It would keep those who are definitely not addicted from having some fun with it, and those who are addicted will just find another vice, anyway.

    Posted by: SherwChunky
  • Gambling should not be regulated because it is addicting, and has many negative consequences that regulation won't solve.

    There are many negative effects and problems that come from gambling, but the solution is not to regulate it. People should have the ability to make personal decisions about whether or not to gamble, and it isn't the government's place to say whether or not they can gamble. Many addicting things are not regulated, such as caffeinated soft drinks.

    Posted by: M0r3Fire
  • There's no reason to regulate gambling. Any behavior can be addictive.

    If the government would start regulating gambling, they may as well regulate video games, too, since they can become addictive. Some people are even addicted to the Internet, should that be regulated? Some people are addicted to sex, how do you regulate that? Sex only on Tuesdays and Thursday nights?

    Posted by: RayEar
  • No, I don't believe the government should be able to regulate people's free will even if they chose something that will hurt themselves.

    From the development of the constitution, the people were given freedoms. I think it is important to continue to protect these freedoms that do not infringe on the rights of others.

    Gambling is a personal choice and does not infringe on other unrelated people. I think that the government can't possibly regulate everything they think might be harmful to someone. I don't see why they should even try. In fact, many people can gamble responsibly and the fund help local communities. Why should those who can gamble in a reasonable manner be punished because some people abuse it and hurt themselves.

    Posted by: P4tGuanto
  • No, gambling should not be regulated even if it was proven to be commonly addictive.

    Even in the unlikely case that it were proven to be "commonly addictive", it should still not be regulated. It should be up to the individual to limit their own habits of gambling. Any activity can be addictive if used to excess - including food, sex, video games, even reading books or playing sports. Gambling should not be treated any differently than the rest of these, and the responsibility should lie in the hands of the user.

    Posted by: 5c4ryOgdon

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