Should gambling have a spending limit? If so, how much and why? (Please leave name, gender, and age. This is for a school survey.)

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  • Don't do it!

    You won't never win back the money you lose! I lost my 401 and every penny I had! Now I have to go bankrupt! I won a few good ones! Guess what! You end up putting it back and more! It's evil n not ok for your sanity ! Save yourself

  • Yes it should

    I belive it should as they might lose money that was for food bills and family i belive it should have a $5000 limit of 1000 also leave you age name and gender and you opion yes or no if you pick yes then say how much the limit should be and why and if you say no then explaine your resson why thank you

  • Property rights are the issue

    I don't like gambling, and would counsel against it. But an adult's money is their own. It is the responsibility of the family, and also of friends and other people of influence in an individual's life, to establish boundaries and consequences for negative behavior. That's what living in a free society is all about. We don't need bureaucrats and police getting involved and trying - foolishly - to save people from themselves.

    A better solution would be to take a person who gambles the family money away to court. It might be grounds for a civil suit.

  • Another Government Invasion of our Private Lives

    Who would be putting this limit on gambling? Why, the government of course. Because unless there is a universal limit enforced by some higher authority, then someone, somewhere, will find it profitable to to break that rule, and in doing so, the rule will become worthless as more and more abandon it.

    "But why," you ask, "is it a problem for the government to regulate gambling?"
    The answer itself is simpler than you might think. Government was never meant to regulate morality. There's an old saying that goes "You can't legislate morality."
    "Well, why not"? You'll probably ask. If we take a short peek at history the answer will again seem clear. We can even see it by looking at the current political landscape of today.

    For example, if we look into the past, we see homosexuality being illegal, interracial marriage being a crime, and numerous other discriminatory laws. Even today homosexual marriage is still illegal, along with the possession of harmless drugs such as marijuana.

    Preventing government from legislating morality is vital to the protection of minorities as well. Just look at Germany in the 1930's. They gave the government the power to decide things the government had no business getting involved in and when you give the government an inch of authority, they'll take a mile.

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MasturDbtor says2014-11-11T05:06:08.800
Is the question as a matter of policy or as a matter of personal decision?

No if the former, yes if the latter.