Should games be banned for kids with disabilities?

  • Next stop: banning oxygen.

    Why don't we just ban everything? That way, everyone is equally miserable. ;) I said hip hip, hippy to the hip hop, you don't stop, rock it to the bang bang boogey, up jump the beat. Now what you see is not a fake it's the real Sitara queen bee.

  • I would be dead without em

    Since it says disabilities I assume this also includes mental disabilities, I've got autism which basically mean I'm socially retarded, I have been bullied on every single school I've ever been to, I have thought about killing myself so many times I've lost count and the only reson I haven't is because of games, video games to be precise, everyday it could relief me of my depression and stress from having to live and I can tell you it's the same with allot of other autistic people I know that got bullied allot.

  • Descriminating and dumb

    NO no no no no !! !! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! !! !! NO NO NO NO NO NO!

  • Children with disabilities should be forward the same rights as those without

    No, kids with disabilities that want to participate in games should be allowed to do so. Being disabled does not mean that a child does not want have fun. Disabled children should be treated just like other children and should not be banned because of things that are not under their control.

  • How would you feel.

    We get to have fun so should they. Thats not fair. They might be a little different but differences dont matter because in the end of the day were all the same. If you compare us then contrast youll see the compare list is much longer. So it wouldnt be fair for disabled people not to be let to play video games.There people just like us . They have feelings

  • Anyone who says yes might as well be crushed by 1000 wheelchairs.

    That guy to the left of me is probably trolling, so this is a reason:
    Disabled people go differently, but disabled people still should be able to have the same fun we have. I mean, what if only rich people got something you like? Would you be pissed? They could at least make safety measures

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