Should games like boxing and kickboxing be banned?

  • These violent sports should be banned. ...

    These could be very harmful for all.It makes people violent and the main problem is that ,all the young children start imitating it ,which can cause many dangers to their lives ....Most of the people think that it is just the matter of entertainment but they forget that the players thoes are indulge in this can loss their lives because of these sports. .....SO WE SHOULD TRY OUR BEST TO BAN THESE TYPE OF GAMES! !!!!!!!!!

  • Kick Boxing Should Be Banned

    It should be banned because its too rough and horrible. One kick to the head could kill someone its horrible and people watch it for entertainment??? Why would you want to see someone beaten to death?? Its foul. We are trying to be a community but what we are doing is bashing them!!! Kick boxing and just plain boxing is not fun and games. So help ban it!!

  • These type of games should not be banned because

    These games teaches us how to discipline hard working and motivates our countries youth to take part in these type of games. If the people want to ban these games because of deaths and injuries there are more deaths and other type of racing games than these.Why people don''t ban these games.

  • Combative sport should not be banned

    Fighters choose to do these sports and compete, they make it as safe and fair as possible. Yes they can get hurt, but they do everything they can to avoid this. This is all a choice that the fighters make and everything is done to make this as safe and fair as possible.

  • Boxing is here to stay

    Boxing is a universal sport played by thousands. Fights are made to be as fair as humanly possible with classes and win streaks.If boxing gets band why shouldn't other potentially dangerous sports. Let a fighter be a fighter and do what they love to do. Let boxing stay in our lives.

  • Boxing is an American sport

    You can just let a sport take place and then decide to just ban it 200 years later. Boxing is as aggressive as sports like rugby, American Football and ice hockey. If you don't like boxing, don't watch it and leave them alone. It pays taxes so it should be allowed.

  • No, they are a sport.

    No, games like boxing and kickboxing should not be banned, because they are a sport. Precautions are taken to make sure that these sports are undertaken safely. Things like cage fighting should be banned, but they are more dangerous than boxing and kickboxing. Boxers are some of the most revered athletes.

  • The Fighters Do it For Themselves

    Why should the sport be banned when there are people who enjoy being part of it. This is their profession and obviously if they stay in it, they enjoy being hit and answering back with hits. Fighting is in everyone. It just depends on ones cowardice if they can. Obviously those who agree to the banning of boxing are of a pacifist background who have never fought for what they want. Boxing is a sport, a sport can be a life for someone, so why take it away? If you don't like it don't watch it, plain and simple as that.

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