Should games, movies and musics with contents full of violence, drug contents and profanity must be ban anywhere in the world?

Asked by: anti-iTunes
  • Games, movies and musics with contents that makes people disgusted must be ban.

    In this modern-era world many people listen to music, playing games and watching movies. But something suspicious is happening. People start kill any they've seen because of violence. Games, movies and musics with contents full of violence must be banned forever in order to prevent threats in this changing world!!

  • Not at all.

    Scientists have found that video games do not in fact affect the way a child behaves. What affects how the child behaves is his parents, and the child. If GTA 5 inspires a child to go and steal cars, that is the child's or the parent's fault, not the game's. I've got numerous friends who have played violent games including GTA 5, and have not been affected by them.

  • Why didn't you add sex to the list?

    Anyways, no. I hate this tendency towards nanny statism. Why not have adult shops instead so that it can do business. You can't surpress demand (now with McDonald's, demand is low, cause it's garbage), but with music, there's a lot of demand for profane content. Why not educate people on the issue? Tell them you don't have to curse or use sexually explicit stuff to get your point accross.

    As for violence, that one is bizzare. Now depictions of murder should be taken seriously? But what about war violence? Should we censor that too. War violence is a part of a life.

    I agree, Mafia murders and thuggery should be taken seriously (though I don't we should be ban them), but war violence. What's so offensive about that? It's part of life

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