Should games that in some way mimic real life be forced to adhere to real life moral/social values?

Asked by: themohawkninja
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  • This includes literally every game ever made.

    The fact of the matter is that every day "in some way" mimics real life. Tetris has simulated gravity and massy objects. Minecraft has a night-day cycle, wildlife and food. Grand Theft Auto has these with cars and heists. All of these things are inspired by aspects of real life, and you're not in a position to draw a line between Tetris and GTA.

  • I don't know...

    Nowadays people don't really have real life moral or social values so it would be hard to make that work. If you wanted a T rated game as the highest rating... Or maybe it would make more sense having laws prohibiting some games. But I don't really see how that would work. If they want to do that to games maybe they should do the same to movies...

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