• Should be banned

    They think that it won't harm you it is just a games that everyone plays. Some reasons are people say that they have been playing video games and it has never effected them but have they shown that they like playing the game yes. Once you play violent video games you maybe imitate the actions that is just me oppinion on this.

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  • Games with violence should not be banned

    Games with violence should not be banned it is up to the person or the parents of the child to decide what is suitable for their game. There is no reason a ban for video games should be considered as it would make these games much more attractive and would make the situations they portray seem much more interesting. A normal person should be able to play the games without thinking such behavior is acceptable.

  • No. Parents should control the violence in their kids games

    No. The influx of recent violent crime committed by our youth should not necessarily be attributed to just the types of games they are playing. It should be attributed to the type of parenting that is going on at home. Parents have the authority to control what their kids are doing, watching and playing. If the parent doesn't care enough to be involved, then they are raising a child with violent tendencies already.

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