• Yes video games should

    If chess and fishing is a sport than so should video games because all your doing in fishing is just sitting down and waiting for something to bite and in chess all your doing is figuring out your next move as a strategy and video games are the same thing as chess

  • Not a sport per say, but definitely something similar.

    We already have E-Sports, and despite what HeavenlyPanda may think, it requires a lot of skill. Sure, give a pianist a computer and they can learn to play CS:GO fairly quickly, but they won't be anywhere near good enough to compete against good players, let alone those that compete in E-Sports. They are professionals at what they do, and it requires a lot of skill to get to that level. Believe it or not, you also do need a relatively healthy body. If you're overweight and you're doing E-Sports, not only do you have the pressure to win, but you also have an unhealthy body and you are going to get hot and sweat very quickly. You'll also get tired much sooner than someone with a healthy body which is very detrimental to your performance. A tired person makes mistakes, doesn't react as fast, and overall doesn't perform as well as they should. Even if you react a micro-second faster than your opponent, you can come out as the victor simply by having that slightly faster reaction time. This is where the skill and being fit comes into play: Being able to remain alert and fully awake in order to react at lightning speeds and have impeccable aim. I can tell you from personal experience that being able to stay awake and alert in order to keep your reaction times as fast as possible and to make sure you're not making silly mistakes is essential to beating some of the better players in games like CS:GO, Battlefield, and even Call of Duty.

    Like I said, we do have E-Sports, but I think it needs to be taken more seriously and even be considered an actual sport. I'm not saying that it should become part of the Olympics, but it should definitely be taken more seriously and even be considered a sport, not just an E-Sport.

  • Gaming is not a sport.

    The definition of a sport is "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment." Moving your fingers is not physically exerting and gaming requires absolutely no skill at all. Gaming is just a way for people who don't actually want to take the time to actually learn a real sport, to claim that they play a sport.
    Firstly there is no physical exertion when you play a video game. You a literally sitting on a couch or chair with a remote control moving your fingers. If you call that physical exertion then I feel bad for you. Pianists playing the piano do more physical and mental exertion than gamers do and piano isn't considered a sport.
    Secondly gaming takes absolutely no skill. Sit a pianist down in front of an x-box and he/she will be able to play anything in under an hour. Sit a gamer in front of a piano and watch him/her struggle to note which key is C let alone what is the E major scale. Many people say that the first person shooter games require a lot of skill. That's a load of garbage. Take away the little dot in the centre of the screen that shows a gamer where they're pointing their gun and they'll be a accurate as a newbie who's been blindfolded. Or how about games like Madden. Do you actually memorize the plays? Or are you relying on them showing up on the screen so you can pick one? Gaming actually take away the need for any skill whatsoever. That's why games like Fifa were created. For all those who think that they're too lazy to actually get up a play a sport.
    If you actually believe that gaming qualifies to be a sport then so can piano and being a lawyer. Piano and being a lawyer take skill to be able to excel. They also involve moving your fingers and they both have their competitive field. So why can't piano and being lawyer be a sport? Because (like gaming) they don't have enough physical exertion. Real sports take thousands of hours of training to become the best. Real sports need skill to be good at them. You can't just enter a sport a suddenly be the best at it with no real effort and that's what sets gaming apart from sports.

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