• He freed many people

    He led people out of captivation and led many of his people into freedom from the British rule. He is an amazing person who saved many Indians. He never gave up what he believed in and continued to push hard to get his people freedom. Thousands of people in India think he is a hero.

  • Of course he is

    He fought for what he believed in and successfully led the people of India to freedom from the British. I see some of the answers that said that he was racist and pointing out more of his flaws. Yes he may have caused the deaths of some people and might be racist but what's important is the lesson that he learned from this and if he realized this was a mistake. Gandhi was a hero because he accomplished the greater good for those who were feeling oppressed in India and Africa. You can't expect even the greatest heroes to be perfect. And for those who think he is a villain, you're talking about the wrong person, he is Gandhi, not Hitler or Stalin.

  • Of course he is a hero

    He stood up for his people when no one else would. He allowed them to be free, vote and be proud to be Indian. Next, he also pioneered the way for non-violent protests and and non-violent solutions to larger problems of the world. With this non-violence, he inspired many others to protest non- violently like Nelson Mandela And MLK Jr.

  • He was a cooooooool guy

    Gandhi was born as Mohandas Gandhi in 1869. He was born in the seacoast town of porbandar the indian state of Gujarat. He was born to a wealthy family, as Karamchand Gandhi,his father, was the dewan (chief minister) of porbandar, which was then under british control. He was his father's fourth child, with his fourth wife. His mother, Putlibai, was a highly religious person, and was often at the temple or home, as she did not work. Gandhi grew up in a house where everyone was worshiping Vaishnavism, the worshipping of the hindu god Vishnu. Also they were a family that somewhat followed Jainism, which is an indian religion with strong moral beliefs and principles. These two made him take for granted vegetarianism, ahimsa (a belief that no injury should come to all living things), and fasting.

  • Gandhi is one of the GREATS!

    Gandhi lead people to do what was right while he wasn't selfless. He sacrificed his profession, his time, and his body for the people. He was intelligent but he used his intelligence to its full potential for other people instead of hiding his talents so the world would never know he existed. Many were inspired by Gandhi and he deserves the title of hero because of his selfless sacrifice for the people.

  • Yes, he is a hero

    Gandhi influenced many more heroes, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. And Nelson Mandela. If it weren't for Gandhi influencing Martin Luther King Jr, America would still most likely be segregated. Gandhi also stood up to Great Britain, which was one of the most influential and powerful countries/ empires at the time

  • He was Peaceful

    He inspired many people such as Mandela and MLK Jr. If he didn't influence MLK, the U.S would most likely still be segregated. He was also brave and determined. He fought for what was right. He also stood up toone of the biggest powers in the world at the time.

  • Hes a great leader

    He took everyhing into his own hands ,he taught people the ways of being hindu and b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b b. B b b senpai

  • Ofcourse he is a Hero.

    Gandhi is a hero. The definition of hero is someone with great strength or courage and I believe Gandhi possessed those qualities. He fought for what he believed in with strength and courage and that makes him a hero in my book. He inspired many people during a time when they desperately needed someone to believe in and that also makes him a hero. If someone says he is not a hero then probably your hero is someone like Hitler.

  • Yes. He is

    He's inspired many people. Even teens to this day use his quotes. He has touched people of many ages, teachers, teens. Regardless of who someone is they know him and use his knowledge in times of need, ( Lots of my friends even use his knowledge and wisdom.) . .

  • He is not

    He was a disgusting racist and an incestual child molester. He is overlooked on these things, and managed to get away with it. He is disgusting. He was racist against blacks and made articles saying they should be killed for Indian people to evolve and thrive in the world .

  • Gandhi is never a hero.

    He is the one who killed our hero Bhagath Singh. He could have saved him with his influence. But he thought that Bhagath Singh will be a threat to him.

    He is also a religious fanatic. He was a Savarna Hindu. He never considered the Dalits and minorities.

    Gandhi is never a hero.

  • No I don't believe he was a hero.

    Because while it is a very noble cause for somebody to lead a people out of tyranny. I do not believe its acceptable to do so through slaughter. He lead people towards certain death, consistently, while knowing the consequences. The British were not shy to put up boundaries, and punishments up when they were crossed. Ghandi was willingly crossing those boundaries in which he knew the punishment was death. In the instance of gathering salt for the people of India. He lead people with no means of protection to be brutally murdered. It is one thing to kill a man who has a gun, and one who has no weapon ( nor malicious intent). It seems that Ghandi was using his people, who were desperate, to grasp at a chance of liberation. He seemed to have no care for human life but rather a deep sense of nationalism. I am open to hearing anybody`s take on this specific aspect of Ghandi's role as a leader, for maybe I have a deep misunderstanding of what happened.

  • No, but he is an important figure.

    No, Gandhi should not be considered a hero, because none of his actions are particularly heroic. However he should be respected for the things that he has accomplished. For example, he has provided excellent leadership for the world. He has been a uniting figure that has done much good. While this is wonderful, it is not heroic.

  • He was hardly a hero.

    Just because he stood up for what he believed in does not make him a hero. He was a quiet man who protested by peace and wise words. If he could be considered a hero, then there would be much more heroes in the world. In the eyes of someone who does not share his religious background, my answer for this would be a definite no.

  • Gandhi is not a hero.

    Gandhi is a religious figure and should be recognized for that. He was a very peaceful man, and he fought for what he truly believed in. Gandhi fought for the rights of the Hindu and Muslim. He practiced quiet protests, such as when he refused to eat. He supported women's rights and the rights of Muslim people. He was a great figure, but not considered a hero.

  • Ghandi should not be considered a hero

    He was a nationalist who would stop at nothing to bring freedom to India. While that sounds pretty noble, he knowingly let his people to death for this.

    He was racist.

    From BBC:
    In 1893, Gandhi wrote to the Natal parliament saying that a "general belief seems to prevail in the Colony that the Indians are a little better, if at all, than savages or the Natives of Africa." He then again wrote In 1904, to a health officer in Johannesburg that the council "must withdraw Kaffirs" from an unsanitary slum called the "Coolie Location" where a large number of Africans lived alongside Indians. "About the mixing of the Kaffirs with the Indians, I must confess I feel most strongly.


  • He always nukes me in civ

    Would a hero nuke people? I think not. Firaxis obviously thinks so too, as they turned Gandhis nuke preference up to 11. He pretends to be your friend then he nukes you in the back. (Pun intended) Gandhi is also a little jerk. He sits there in a toga insulting me in hindu. He even says "you uncultured plebeians have spelled my name wrong for the last time. Prepare to be nuked into orbits."

  • He brought India to her knees

    He never actually fought for India, everything he did was politically motivated and always wanted to appease the British and Muslims. Prove an instance when he actually went on a fast where there was a Muslim majority (I have nothing against Muslims , everyone one of us deserves us a place on this planet ) . Whenever he fasted he always knew that his group of supporters would break it off , and it would generally have a majority of Hindus. He was the greatest Con-artist that ever lived and I once used to think he was God.

  • He Was Racist!

    He, many times, said that black people were the lowest of humans and that Indian's are disrespected by even having black people around them, he condemned Indian men from having any sort of contact with black women and wasn't even doing the Indians respect since he agreed that Indians were not even in the same league as whites. He was a white supremacist and people still call him a hero? Give me a break...

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