Should Gary Johnson be taken seriously as a Presidential candidate?

  • Yes, he has a strong background and is on all the ballots

    Gary is a very strong candidate, and if he were well known he would be a serious threat to win the general election. His campaign needs to do a lot of work to get his name and policies out there because as a third party, he will be marginalized by the media.

  • Should Gary Johnson be taken seriously as a Presidential candidate?

    The two party system has destroyed American politics, if not for this system Johnson would be in office. Gary Johnson is the only candidate who thinks for himself and has the interest of the people in mind. Democrats and Republicans are puppets who refuse to be bipartisan. Sadly, people refuse to listen to, give coverage to, or even acknowledge Johnson.

  • Third Party Candidates Always Welcome

    Everyone complains each presidential election that there aren't enough candidates running for president. Gary Johnson should be taken seriously as a candidate just because America has a system whereby anyone can run for president. It is hard to work through the ranks and convince enough delegates to run successfully for office. Yet Johnson represents part of the American system of democracy.

  • YES, He should be Considered

    Lets look at it this way, Gary has made so much progress in his time as governor, he knows how to complete what the people want effervescently. He provided more funding for public schools, increased the average income, and did so many other useful things, which is why i think he should be president.

  • Yes, Gary Johnson should be taken seriously as Presidential candidate. He is just as experienced as any other candidate.

    Gary Johnson is a former governor, and most Presidential candidates are former governors and senators. He has experience in politics and meets the standard requirements of age and being a citizen of the United States. He originally ran for the Republican party and did gain recognition and support, which shows that people took him seriously as a candidate and even liked him. Had Ron Paul not run as well, it is likely he would have had even more support. I think he has just as good of qualifications as any other candidate and therefore, there is no reason he should not be taken seriously.

  • No, Gary Johnson is a joke.

    First of all while the two party system has its flaws, it still beats the alternative European-style system. If we had more than two major parties then coalition governments would have to be formed which would make government less representative as well as less efficient

    In regards to Gary Johnson he has no chance to win the presidential election. A vote for Gary Johnson is a protest vote. He has very little chance of winning a single state let alone the 270 electoral votes it takes to win the presidency.

    In addition to this Johnson as a candidate is flawed. He supports legalizing marijuana which would have disastrous consequences, he would wreck America's foreign policy and international affairs and like most Libertarians Johnson is vastly out of touch with the American public and their interests.

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