Should Gatorade become the first homosexual labeled sports beverage would you be opposed to it?

Asked by: Demo_User
  • Non-sexual related labeling is more appropriate.

    I don't really understand this question. How is Gatorade right now heterosexual? The labels look non-sexual related to me. It should stay that way because labeling it for just one side would be inequality. The middle ground is where the company should stay if it wants to make both sides content.

  • It Should Not Claim to Support Either Side

    Just because a company (or individual, for that matter) does not make a public declaration to the world that they support a gender-orientation or sexual preference does not mean that the company is automatically biased against it.

    And, based on those same premises, a company should not declare themselves pro-homosexual, since the two main reasons they would be doing it is outside pressure or to have extra marketing capabilities for their products.

    It wasn't like in generations previous to this all major companies were touting that they were in full support of heterosexuality, so why should they suddenly have to declare a side on the issue if they have never been compelled to previous now?

  • The moment a company uses orientation to market a drink, I'm out.

    Gay people should be offended at the thought. People who think companies are motivated by a moral compass are misguided. They are almost always cashing in on a popular bandwagon. The thought of ANY company using sexual orientation to market makes me sick.

    If they wanted to support the Gay parade they would give money, not find ways trying to take it. Again, equality means EQUAL. You don't see "Gatorade: Now with extra heterosexuality!"

  • Abolish homophobia in the sports world.

    It's a controversial and frightening taboo for some. Diversity encompasses acceptance and respect it provides a lesson for each of us to be okay with and open to those things that set us apart. A homosexual labeled sports drink would be an act of tolerance. Companies shouldn't be afraid to stray from using big issues that might polarize people especially the broadly expectable and potentially profitable ones...

    So gay or straight get you gay on with Gatorade.

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iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-07-18T10:43:02.047
Uhmm is this actually going to happen, what is this even about?