• Of course they should!

    Saying that gay men or gay women cannot adopt is like saying that straight people cannot have kids. If a straight couple give up their child then a gay couple should be able to adopt one. No matter what a child should always have parents to come home to. No matter if its 2 men or 2 women or even 1 man and 1 women.

  • Yes, they should

    At a certain point, we need to stop dancing around the issues and come to a decision on whether we're going to treat homosexuals as equal to heterosexuals or not. We should be doing so, but we can't say we are until they're given all the same rights. This would be one of them.

  • Yes they should.

    Gay couples should go through the same adoption process as all other potential parents. If they meet the criteria, they should be allowed to adopt. Do we really want to tell a child that they can not have a forever home because, even though there is a loving family available, they don't have the sexual orientation of our choosing?

  • Going the distance

    Because gay couples cannot biologically have children, if they want to start a family, they have to go through the adoption process. There is no reason gay couples should not be able to have children, and given how selective and difficult the adoption process is, their willingless and determination says it all - they will make fine parents.

  • They should always be allowed to adopt.

    There's really no reason that gay couples should ever be forbidden from adopting, aside from the usual background checks any other couple would go through when initiating the process. As for kids from gay parents turning out gay, well, I think nearly one hundred percent of gay individuals were raised by heterosexuals. So that argument has no legs.

  • A loving enviroment is a great place for kids

    There are so many bad straight couples and parents, that a loving home, no matter the sexual preference of the parents, is something that many cast aside children deserve. It's not a new concepts, and there haven't been any serious issues resulting from gay couples adopting children up to this point.

  • As long as they are fit for parenting, I support all the way

    These days, many children are born into unstable homes. In fact, one of my closest friends had a mentally ill and slightly-abusive mother but still lived with her. There are millions of children like my friend who have it as bad or even worst. However, I find more efforts in keeping gay couples from adopting than eliminating the harmful conditions that a lot of kids have to live in.

  • Any happy family is an applicable family

    A child being adopted simply requires a loving home that can provide for him/her. Parents are parents regardless of situation and as long as they can take care of their child, it shouldn't matter their genders. A happily married couple living together in good condition is a couple that is in a situation conducive to raising a child.

    A child growing up has no qualms about the genders of his/her parents. I grew up knowing my mother and father loved each other. It wouldn't have been any different if I had grown up with two mothers or two fathers. If a couple is happy together and wants a child, they should have the ability to adopt. That applies to any combination of genders.

    Besides, children who are up for adoption need a home with loving parents. They simply need people to be parents and raise them to be productive, accepting people. Any good parents can do that.

  • I agree that they should adopt

    Come on, it's like asking if straight couples should be able to adopt. Gay couples are just like any other family, just that it's the same gender. Look at the couple in the picture-do you see evil or malicious intent? I certainly don't and about 99.9999% of other gay couples really are there to start a happy, healthy family. We shouldn't baby the children; like some people say that the kids will get bullied. Kids get bullied every day, regardless of their parents sexual orientation, so that argument is invalid. Kids will also have low self esteem-again that's everywhere every day. If they are raised correctly, and without stress from other people, then the child should not feel pressured to be gay or feel left out. Gay parents are after the same goal, which is to have a happy family and life. Who are you to deny that?

    Posted by: Luci
  • I agree with that.

    I am a transgender ftm myself and i been adopting children for 3 yrs now and i did want kids yrs ago. It's impossible for a transgender like myself to give birth. Asking if someone gave birth is personal. Who cares if heterosexuals adopt anyway? What about single parents adopting kids? Transgenders like myself adopt children all the time if they had not have sex surgery? What about transexuals who had sex surgery adopt children. I don't know if it's possible for transexuals to give birth. What about lesbians adopting kids?

  • Not a good Environment to grow up in

    The kids will get picked on for the rest of their life all because the people who adopted them. Plus growing up in an environment of gay couples might pressure the child into believing that they themselves should be gay. Or the emotional toll of being different from people will effect the child and hurt his or her self- esteem

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