• Why should they not it the question.

    Their is no reason they should not be able to adopt children. If the couple has a stable loving home, and they and are fully able to take care of a child, then they should have equal rights. We have heterosexuals that should not even be able to have a child. I do not consider research or scientific studies here, this has nothing to do with morals, love, happiness and life.

    Posted by: mabp
  • It doesn't matter on what your sexuality is...

    They are still people, We all should have the same rights. Some people don't like the idea of gay marriages and them being able to have their own kids, (well not their OWN but, you know what I mean) I have several gay friends and they are the sweetest people you could ever meet. This is America, We're all suppose to free.

  • Yes they should!!

    Current studies and information show that children of same-sex couples actually live more stable and organized lifestyles. (according to a University of Mass. Study) In addition I agree that they are American citizens and should have the right to adopt children. There are so many orphans and unwanted children running through foster programs these days, I say the more willing and loving parents available to adopt the better!

  • Gay Couples Should

    I think they should be able to adopt children because from research found they are more organized and there is no way we should deny their rights just because we may not like the idea of Gay adoption or gay marriage. They deserve the same rights and they are still American citizens.

  • Mmm that people say that they should do it themselfs

    They atened to be abuseve then straight perents and that when they cry the boys dont know how to stop the crying and that they abuse the kid then the moms dont abuse the kid there the ones having the baby and they are responsibal for what the baby wants and if it wants to be held.....

  • Yes, children need love.

    Every child on the earth need love, a home, food, drinks, etc.. They cant have that if they don't have any parents. Children need to grow up with a mom or 2 moms, or a dad or 2 dads. Believe it or not some children do have 2 moms and 2 dads. Its called step parents. So, to the people out their who think they shouldn't adopt. Think twice. I mean if you were a child with no home, no parents, starving, possibly dying.. Would you rather live with parents or die? Also, think about that.

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