• Current list of other countries where same-sex marriage is legal.

    The Netherlands 2000. Belgium 2003, Canada 2005. Spain 2005. South Africa 2006. Norway 2009. Sweden 2009. Iceland 2010. Portugal 2010. Argentina 2010. Denmark 2012. Uruguay 2013. France 2013. Brazil 2013. England/Wales 2013. Scotland 2014. Luxembourg 2014. Finland 2015. And TWO countries with limited legal jurisdiction: USA 2003 and Mexico 2009.

  • Marry Who You Want

    There's no reason why LBTQ people should not be able to marry, they are just like us yet they love someone of the same gender. It is discriminatory, therefore against the law so it should be legalized. Gays have struggled with rights and it is not fair for them to not marry.

  • Yes, let them marry.

    Every person should have equal rights afforded to them. This is not a decision that should be based on people's values. This is a human rights issue. Gay and Lesbian couples should be allowed to be married and afforded all the same rights as a straight person. It is a hate crime to not allow them to marry.

  • Yes they should.

    Gay couples should be allowed to be married just like any other couple. People who oppose gay marriage are just people who hate gay people. There is no good reason that anyone can come up with that would not allow for gay couples to become married like any other couple.

  • Gay couples should be allowed to be married.

    Gay couples should be allowed to be married.Many times the partners of Gay americans are not to exercise even the most minor of rights such as hospital visitation.If they were allowed to be married then they would automatically receive these types of benefits.This way Gay americans could enjoy equal rights.

  • Financial Benefits Abound

    Conservatives shouldn't be against gay marriage because the simple truth is that legalizing gay marriage is more that just about people's happiness and equal rights. Imagine the extra revenue gained from more marriage licenses issued in each state. Imagine how much more money wedding chapels and honeymoon venues will earn when gay couples take trips after their wedding. It's a stimulus package without raising any taxes or spending taxpayer dollars, people!

  • Everyone has a right to be miserable

    The idea of a traditional marriage has been evolving over time. It's not even the same today as it was 100 year ago in America. Allowing gay couples to marry is the next logical step in the evolution of the essence of what a marriage is. Gay couples deserve the same right as straight couples to be happy for 2 years, and miserable for the rest of their lives!

  • Gay couples should be allowed to marry.

    There is not logical argument against it. So what if they marry? It's not hurting anybody, and it's not as if legalising gay marriage means that everybody else has to become gay. Gay people and their relationships do not affect us in any way whatsoever. Allowing them to marry won't make us lose any rights - so why not? If two people love each other, they should have the right to marry.

  • Hearts not parts!!!!!

    Honmophobes are closet dwellers! They just use religion as an excuse to hate themselves and others. I still cant believe that millions (or billions) of people are BRAINWASHED! If we "all" were TRULY "straight." we would've been HETEROsapians, not HOMOsapians! I guess LGBT peeps are MORE human than haters THINK!

  • I do agree.

    I AGREE. Even tho Im Catholic and it is a sin to like agree to gay marriage because of the readings and stuff in the Bible. But Pope Francis like agree to gay marriage and I agree too. I agree that gay couples should married because if you love someone, go for them.

  • Im not trying to be bigoted but i do believe that there needs to be a line in the sand,

    In America i believe that we should have the right to love who we want is imperative to our core beliefs, i also believe that we need to draw a line in the sand in which we stop. America has become dedicated to pleasing everyone instead of do whats best for it. If we start to condone gay marriage then the people who indulge in beastiality and polygamy will be knocking at our doors asking for us to condone it also.

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