Should gay couples be allowed to raise adolescents?

Asked by: Dr.Intellegent
  • Everyone Should Be Treated Equally

    Of course! This shouldn't even be debated! Every person deserves the same treatment. Being gay does not determine if they are bad parents or not. It's as simple as that. Being gay just defines who you like, not who you are. We should be worrying about all the parents who aren't taking care of their children rather than on the sexuality of others.

  • There's no reason why not

    Honestly I simply can't think of any reason NOT to allow them to raise adolescents or children in general. I've had too many encounters over my life with people who were raised by gay or lesbian parents who were well-adjusted, good natured, friendly people. The argument that a child "need" a father or mother seems entirely meaningless to me, particularly in our modern society in which single parent households make up a major portion of all families. In my experience even children whose one parent dies simply finds some other person in their lives to fulfill much the same role, a grandparent, an uncle, a family friend and so forth. Given that we're in a situation in which we have adoption agencies overflowing with children needing homes it simply seems completely pointless to exclude an entire section of society equally capable to anyone of providing stable, healthy and happy home environments.

  • Yes, they should be able to.

    Love is the most important thing, in my opinion, for a child to have in his or her environment. Regardless of the gender of the parents, if the child is loved and safe, he is fine. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with parenting. People say that the child will lack a father or mother figure, but it is perfectly acceptable for a single man or woman to adopt a child.

  • Not allowing anyone to raise children should be outlawed.

    It is simple you cannot dis-approve anyone of raising kids just because of thier perfred sex status. I agree it may have the idea of the adolescents being raised homosexual is the families choice. None of anyones buisness. Yet, if the children are in danger with parents forcing them to be gay, that is a totally diffrent debate. Anywho those who wish to raisew children even if they are gay, gay, straight, or bio. All shoulod be allowed to raise children.

  • Yes, Yes They Should

    There are kids out there that need loving homes. If a gay couple wants to bring a child into their house, let them. They're doing the kid a favor. They're saving them, giving them love and a home. Some people will argue the kid will get teased and bullied because they have sex parents. That isn't important. What's important is that a kid has a loving family to take care of them.

  • Good Parents Are Good Parents

    Being a good parent is important in raising an adolescent. This is pretty much tautological, so it's hard to argue against. In other words, good parents are good parents. Now, SOME gay couples might be terrible parents, but the same goes for SOME straight couples, as well as SOME single parents. The point is, being gay and/or being in a gay relationship does not preclude one from being able to raise an adolescent. Sexual orientation is irrelevant when it comes to nurturing, being there for someone, helping to educate someone, looking out for one's safety, and so on.

  • Why cant they?

    People shouldnt change who they like just to have a kid. To adopt a baby all that matters is that they are responsible and mature. In the picture it looks like the baby is happy too. Your sexuality shouldnt change just because you want a baby. If u are gay u can adopt theres no reason why not!

  • Yes they should.

    Just because They are Gay doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to raise kids. They're the same as everyone else. Assuming Adolescents means Kids I honestly don't know but I'm assuming it does.
    Everyone should be able to have a chance raise a kid unless your mentally unstable or something.

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