Should gay couples be given the same legal rights as heterosexuals in adopting children?

  • We're all equal.

    It's not fair that homosexuals don't have the rights as us. We are all created the same, it should not matter what our sexual orientation is. All that matters is that we're all the same and they can be loving parents just like opposite sex couples. When it comes to two people loving each other it shouldn't matter.

  • Gay couples should be given the same adoption rights as long as they provide a role model of the different gender.

    Gay people should not be denied rights to adopt because simply being gay has no bearing on whether a person would make a good parent or not. But it is important for healthy development to be exposed to aspects of both genders, because we learn about people and the way the world works through such interactions. So I think it would be a good idea to mandate that gays expose their children to a member of the opposite sex who they trust and think would make a good influence on their child.

    Posted by: EImerBuddie
  • Gay couples are just as capable and successful adoptive parents as heterosexual couples.

    Someone's sexuality or sexual preference has no impact on their ability to be a good parent. A gay couple is just as committed and loving as a straight couple. Gay relationships and gay partners have the same parenting needs as straight couples and children would benefit from the stable home life they would offer them.

    Posted by: IevDoom
  • Gay couples should have the very same legal rights as heterosexuals do with regard to adoption.

    There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that a child living in a home with two same-sex parents is any worse off than one living in a home with heterosexual parents. Furthermore, restricting the rights of individuals based on sexual orientation is discriminatory and unconstitutional.

    Posted by: C35Flames
  • They are people too and should be treated as such!

    This issue reminds me of slavery and undermining basic human rights. Gay people have every right to adopt and take care of their children, but we as a community deny that right. They deserve the right to have family and be happy just like everybody else! They are not sick or perverted as majority of people thinks. Heterosexual people can be bad and abusive parents, too. And, we still treat gay people like animals!

    Posted by: 5h0PPingPerry
  • Gay couples should be able to open their hearts and homes to adopted children with the same legal rights as heterosexual couples.

    There are many children all over the world who need a loving and safe home. A gay couple can provide the same protection, monetary support and love to an adopted child as a heterosexual couple in the same position. It is a shame to think that a child would be deprived a better life because the law decided that a gay couple was unqualified to raise him or her.

    Posted by: D35General
  • Gay couples should be allowed the same rights in adopting because they are capable and loving parents just the same as heterosexuals.

    It is discrimination to not allow gay couples to adopt. They can love a child just as much as a heterosexual couple can. Just because a couple is gay doesn't mean that they should be treated any differently. In some cases gay couples make better parents because they are more caring and understanding of differences.

    Posted by: B3rkIffy
  • If a stable, loving couple can afford to adopt a child, their sexuality should not be a factor.

    There is an abundance of children in need of parents. If a stable, established couple are willing to provide a home for a child, they should do it. What difference would it make to the child if they happen to be in a same sex relationship? There are many heterosexual relationships that are dysfunctional and abusive, but they are given preference over healthy same sex couples. Children placed in these homes are being penalized for prejudices that are not theirs.

    Posted by: MainBen
  • Homosexuals should have the same legal parenting rights as heterosexuals because lifestyle should not change your basic civil rights.

    Homosexuals should have the same legal parenting rights as heterosexuals because lifestyle should not change your basic civil rights. What people do in the privacy of their own home that does not hurt another person should be off-limits to the rest of the world. Homosexuals are just as American as heterosexuals and it's wrong to be treated as anything less than equals.

    Posted by: H0bi3Invader
  • I think gay couples should be given the same legal rights as heterosexuals in adopting children. After all they are adults too.

    Gay couples have been adopting children for decades now. There have been a number of studies which should the benefits of adoption by gay couples. Therefore gay couples deserve the same legal rights as heterosexual couples when adopting children. In addition, there always is a need for people to adopt children, why discourage gay couples by limiting their legal rights to adopt children. The orphaned children need parents, whether gay or heterosexual it doesn't matter to the children. The children simply need a safe and loving environment to grow up in. Therefore gay couple should have the same legal rights to adopt children as heterosexual couples currently receive.

    Posted by: VampMarce
  • Gay couples will not raise children properly.

    Gays are morally wrong and would sexually pervert their children. Children need a mother and a father. Also, children raised in gay homes are then more likely to become gay themselves. Homosexuality is not natural and there is a reason gays cannot have kids on their own. Its because we were not created to become hetrosexual.

  • No means no

    Statistically, same sex couples are constantly cheating on each other and hooking up with random individuals, never satisfied with one couple and are always taking risky choices to fulfill their unfulfilled desires. Raising a children in this type of environment is not healthy because of constant arguments, fighting, and dilemmas the children will face in daily lives. Gay couples will never be satisfied with one partner, tested through time over and over. A child will have to go through many faces and will be confused to acknowledge which mother is the real mother and which father is the real father since there will be many to choose from. Also, the adopted child/children will come in contact with many strange males/females as the man or the woman brings home different partners for sexual pleasure, making the child/children's vulnerable to abuse or worse. The parents can also take advantage of the young children as there is no barrier to stop such behavior. Gay couples will even have sex with their own children if it is accepted in the society, therefore what is it to them if the child is adopted--it's even more the fun. Gays love young boys. Lesbians love young girls. Adoption is just a "mask" to fulfill their desires and "cover" up in this society.

  • I think not

    If a child is raised by a gay/lesbian person, that child will most likely end up homosexual like their parents. I dont want to say we dont need more of these, but society isnt very accepting of them so I feel like there will be more suicides...We dont need that.

  • I oppose giving parental or adoption rights to gay couples, because marriage is intended to be between man and woman, and the family is meant to be composed of a husband and wife and children.

    I do not believe that it is good to extend rights that have been extended to traditional families because it is impossible for a gay couple to provide the appropriate family environment because the family is not intended to be composed of two moms or two dads. The Bible says that man is to leave his mother and father and cling to his wife. God created Eve as a companion for Adam to establish the foundation of the human family. Going away from that traditional model of the family is destroying the foundation of our society.

    Posted by: TasticBran
  • Gay couples should not be allowed to adopt children, because children should have a mother and a father.

    God created children to be raised by a man and a woman. If a child is being raised by two women or two men, then they are at a disadvantage, because they will be raised with the perspective of only one gender. Both men and women bear the image of God, and it is unfair to deny a child a full picture of God.

    Posted by: 5h4yGust
  • Anoymous

    I believe that God created us to be with the opposite sex,and i mean i have no problems with homosexuals.But when they bring a children into there relationship, thats underminding what God has created a family to be thats a issue.I believe that mothers and fathers have different purposes in a child's life that they need. There are just some issues that are better dealt with by a father and a mother have that no other person can give to a child

  • A healthy family needs a mom and a dad.

    A healthy family needs a mom and a dad. Because most of the times homosexuality comes from un unhealthy environment, where something went wrong (or many things), insecurity, confusion... A child needs models to develop in a harmonious way and with either two dads or two mothers a family is not balanced. Yes, there are many hetero couples who are ot good parents, but a least the kids have better cahnces with them. Also, think of natural order of things: Children are born from a man and a woman, that must be enough for a argument.

  • Nature

    By nature sperm + sperm doesn't produce offspring. So allowing gay to adopt a child is against the NATURE.

    It is not about whether they can or they can not. It is about how Gay couples have NO RIGHT to adopt. As Male, should I have right to change my gender? The simple answer is NO. People just want to go against the nature, the more people against the nature the society becoming unhealthy.

    I believe gay people have genetic error in their body, it's kind of a disease or cancer need to be cured.

  • Gay couples should not adopt.

    The act of homosexuality is not natural. If it were, homosexuals would be able to reproduce. A stigma still exists on homosexuality. Subjecting children to homosexual tendencies at an early age almost promises them a lifetime of objective scrutiny and chastisement. It also fails to provide them with vital aspects of culture that only heterosexual relationships can provide.

  • Non Hetro Adoption is child abuse

    As George Orwells said, 'some animals have more rights than others, what about the rights of the vulnerable and underage children who are at the will of the system. The same applies in abortion. This is another case of emotion and noise trumping the majority. The longer they have their foot in the door the longer their perverted filth permeates and becomes accepted despite its unnatural origins whether you are religious or evolutionary.

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Anonymous says2013-04-12T05:30:44.030
Well people keep saying we are all create equal. This is true, however the choices we make makes that untrue. When we do something unnatural kill steal have sex with kids or animals that makes you unequal same with being a homosexual. I notice people bring up alot about Gods loving and treating everyone equal. Well all those Gods Especially the Christian God does love everyone but is crystal clear about homosexuals are not tolerated and no one should act on homosexuality. Doesn't matter what people want to say this is true and can't be changed specially if you're going to use God's as an example.